bound in a sentence

A man of his capability is bound to succeed.

This train is bound for Amritsar.

Success is bound to follow once we start working towards our objective.

We are bound to reap what we sow.

We are bound by a great relationship of cause and effect.

He is bound up in his studies.

Every person is bound to experience adversity at some or the other time in his life.

This train is bound for Calcutta.

It is bound to come true.

Start this exercise with your arms bound behind the back.

Babies are bound to get sick.

Hard bound books are always easier to clean.

These days, most people have busy desk-bound jobs.

Do you have a desk-bound job?

Smokers are bound to have dental problems.

Mostly, asthmatic patients are bound to use inhalers.

When you cook, there is bound to be spillages.

We have promised each other to be bound in love forever.

The fast paced and hectic life is bound to take a toll on our health sooner or later.

If the soil is not healthy the plant is bound to suffer.

Synonyms Of bound – Another Words

constrained, enslaved, obligated, restrained, apprenticed, articled, bent, coerced, compelled, contracted, doomed, driven, fated, firm, forced, impelled, indentured, intent, made, necessitated, obliged, pledged, pressed, required, urged

Antonyms Of bound – Opposite Words

irresolute, allowed, free, permitted, unbounded, unobliged