book in a sentence

Where is your book?

A good friend is like a good book.

I have a beautiful picture book.

A page of my book is embodied with a wing of a butterfly.

I am planning to pen a book based on the moments spent with my mother.

What urged her to pen such a book?

The illustrations in this book are very poor.

After reading this book, return it to me.

He is a chip of the old book.

What is the price of this book?

That is the very book I want.

I recommended a new book to the class for improvement in English.

Whose book is this?

A good book needs no foreword.

I need that book very badly.

Don’t Judge a book by its cover.

Open your book at page ten.

Give me that book which is within your reach.

This book is very interesting

I am reading an interesting book.

I searched for my book.

This book is both cheap and useful.

I have read every book that you see on the shelf.

May I take your book?

The book is on the table.

6 Open your book at page twelve.

The book I bought yesterday is missing.

I have found the books which you lost yesterday.

I know the name of the writer of this book.

Was she reading a book?

Panchatantra is a famous book of fables.

This is the book that I was searching for.

Will she not lend you the book ?

He is reading a book.

Synonyms Of Book – Another Words

Enter, Hire, Line Up, Organize, Schedule, Set Up, Bespeak, Bill, Charter, Engage, Enroll, Order, Procure, Program, Reserve

Antonyms Of Book – Opposite Words

Disorder, Disorganize, Cancel, Dismiss, Let Go, Neglect, Reject

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