bitten in a sentence

A black snake has bitten him.

A fear bitten brain cannot work effectively.

A school-going child was badly bitten by a stray dog.

A snake had bitten him.

A wasp has just bitten him.

A wasp has just bitten me.

According to a police official, he was sleeping in a hut at a brick kiln when he was bitten by a snake.

Everyone was terrified being bitten by it.

Everyone was terrified of being bitten by it.

Have you ever been bitten by your dog?

He had been bitten by ants.

He had been bitten fourteen times.

He has never bitten anybody in his life.

He was bitten by a mad dog.

He was bitten by a snake.

He was bitten by that dog.

His leg was bitten by a crocodile.

I got bitten by mosquitoes.

I just slipped back into my home in the nick of the time, otherwise, they could have bitten me.

I was bitten by mosquitoes.

I was bitten in the leg by that dog.

I’ve been badly bitten by mosquitoes.

I’ve been bitten by mosquitos all over my arm.

Many persons had been bitten by the bulldog.

My leg was bitten by that dog.

Several people had been bitten and had died as a result.

The dog has bitten a hole in my sleeve.

The dog has bitten several people.

The dog has bitten the stranger.

The girl was bitten by the snake.

The man was bitten by a dog.

When people are bitten by mad dogs, they often get rabies.

The child was bitten by a mosquito and had a small red bump on her arm.

The dog was provoked and bitten the intruder who entered the yard.

She got bitten by a snake while hiking in the woods, and it required immediate medical attention.

The mosquito repellent helped prevent getting bitten during the camping trip.

The angry cat hissed and bitten anyone who tried to approach it.

He was bitten by the travel bug and couldn’t wait to explore more countries.

After a series of unsuccessful attempts, the fish finally bitten the bait.

The adventurer encountered a venomous spider and was bitten before managing to escape.

The playful puppy bitten the toy with enthusiasm, wagging its tail in excitement.

The hiker was bitten by the cold wind as he climbed higher in the mountains.

The doctor warned the patient to be cautious around wild animals to avoid getting bitten.

The poisonous snake bitten its prey, injecting venom before swallowing it whole.

He was bitten by the adrenaline rush and couldn’t wait to experience more thrilling activities.

Despite being warned, the tourist ignored the caution sign and got bitten by a venomous spider while hiking.

The little girl giggled as she pretended to be a “vampire” and bitten her brother playfully on the neck.

The gardener wore thick gloves to avoid being bitten by thorny bushes while pruning.

The adventurous traveler got bitten by the travel bug and decided to embark on a world tour.

The magician asked for a volunteer from the audience, and a brave man stepped forward, willing to be bitten by the “magic” snake.

He had been bitten by a poisonous snake before, so he was cautious while trekking through the dense forest.

The mountain climber accidentally stepped on a fire ant hill and got bitten multiple times on his ankles.

The young boy got bitten by the excitement of the amusement park and wanted to go on every ride.

The reporter was bitten by curiosity and decided to dig deeper into the mysterious case.

She had been bitten by the acting bug since childhood and dreamed of becoming a famous actress.

The curious toddler picked up a ladybug and got bitten on her finger, learning a valuable lesson about insects.

The hiking guide advised the group to wear long sleeves and pants to avoid being bitten by mosquitoes.

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