better in a sentence

Players always have a better appetite and a better digestion than those who play no games or take no exercise.

He is no better than a dead man.

I don’t know anything better than that.

Your plan is better than mine.

I feel much better today.

It is better to go through the contents of the book before buying.

Use the power of knowledge to help others, and make this world a better place to live.

Trees make this world a better place to live in.

Why should not a rod be used to make the children better?

You had better consult some good doctor.

A bad man is better than a bad name.

The better I know him the more I understand him.

When man first appeared on the earth he was no better than animals.

It will be better for you if you study carefully.

As the time passed on He became better and better.

He is working better now.

Cleanliness is a good habit which promotes us towards better life and makes us healthy physically, mentally, socially and intellectually.

It is better to rule in hell than to serve in heaven.

There is no better teacher than nature.

Most of my friends are better than me.

Experiences of life should make us a better person and not a bitter person.

There are people who are much better than I am.

The world is indeed a better place when there is love, friendship, acceptance and hope.

You are far better than most of the people.

Prevention is better than cure.

One ounce of practice is better than tons of theory.

The world can be made a better place if only people learn to laugh heartily.

Boring work is better than boredom.

The invention of wheel paved the way towards a better world and changed man’s life.

The doctor hopes to better the conditions of the patients?

People, who work regularly and systematically, show better results than the lazy people.

We help them become better human beings.

Synonyms Of Better – Another Words

More, Finer, Greater, In A Superior Way, More Advantageously, More Attractively, More Competently, More Completely

Antonyms Of Better – Opposite Words


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