Besides in a Sentence


Besides being laborious, he is intelligent.

Besides being a bowler, he is good batsman.

But besides has also different meanings involved.

What interests do you have besides computer games ?

Besides you, there are twelve other applicants for the job.

Besides this pen, I have four more.

He has a car besides a motor cycle.

Besides being a dancer, she is a good singer.

Besides giving him food I gave him clothes.

He came and sat besides me.

Besides robbing the poor child, he also murdered her.

Besides giving me money, he encouraged me.

Besides being foolish she is also careless.

Besides being a teacher, he is a good author.

Besides being a teacher, he was a politician.

He bought a pen besides a pencil.

Besides being beautiful she is intelligent.

Besides music, she is learning dancing.

Besides making a promise, she keeps it.

The doctor besides his nurses were present in the hospital.

Besides being intelligent, she is beautiful.

Besides being a fine speaker he is a good singer.

Besides being fined, he was beaten by the teacher.

Besides being rude he is a cheat.

He was besides himself with joy.

I know a number of European languages besides English.

I do extra study besides the textbooks prescribed.

You are getting besides yourself with anger for nothing.

We will study German besides English.

I play football besides hockey.

What do you play besides hockey

He sat besides me.

Your argument is besides the point.

What can you do besides typing?

Your argument is besides the point.

He sat besides me.

You are getting besides yourself with anger for nothing.

I play football besides hockey.

What do you play besides hockey ?

You may sit besides me.

He has a scooter besides a car.

No trees will grow here besides the pine.

He came and sat besides me.

My house is besides the post office.

What interests do you have besides computer games ?

What interests do you have besides computer games ?

He sat besides me.

There was no one there besides me.

All of us went besides him.

He has two languages at his command besides English.

Sure! Here are some sentences using the word “besides”:

Besides her regular job, Sarah also volunteers at a local animal shelter.

I don’t have any plans for the weekend besides catching up on some reading.

Besides being a talented musician, Jack is also an excellent cook.

We can go to the park, or, besides that, we could have a picnic by the lake.

Sarah is very creative; besides painting, she also enjoys writing poetry.

Besides saving money, biking to work also has health benefits.

Besides the rain, the outdoor event was a great success.

He enjoys playing chess, and besides that, he’s an avid collector of rare coins.

She doesn’t eat meat; besides, she follows a strict vegan diet.

The hotel has many amenities, besides the swimming pool and gym.

I haven’t seen him in years; besides, we didn’t part on good terms.

The city has numerous attractions; besides, it has a rich cultural heritage.

Besides attending classes, she participates in several extracurricular activities like debate club and drama society.

The hotel provides complimentary breakfast, and besides that, guests can enjoy free access to the fitness center.

The museum showcases an impressive art collection, and besides that, it hosts educational workshops for children.

She excels in academics, and besides that, she is also a talented athlete.

The company offers flexible working hours, and besides that, employees receive performance-based bonuses.

Besides the beautiful architecture, the historic building also holds many fascinating stories from the past.

She loves traveling, and besides that, she enjoys capturing her adventures through photography.

The beach resort has several water sports activities available, and besides that, it offers spa and wellness services.

Besides his academic accomplishments, he actively volunteers at a local charity organization.

The exhibition features famous artworks, and besides that, it presents interactive installations for visitors.

Besides his regular job, he manages his own online business selling handmade crafts.

She loves animals, and besides that, she devotes her weekends to volunteering at an animal rescue center.

The conference covers various topics in technology and innovation, and besides that, it offers networking opportunities.

He enjoys outdoor activities, and besides that, he is an avid reader of mystery novels.

Besides the historical landmarks, the city is famous for its lively street markets.

The festival showcases diverse cultural performances, and besides that, it features international cuisine.

The documentary delves into environmental issues, and besides that, it sheds light on social concerns.

Besides the scenic views, the hiking trail provides educational signs about local flora and fauna.

The team won the championship, and besides that, they broke several records during the season.

The art gallery showcases both traditional and contemporary art, and besides that, it offers art classes for aspiring artists.

The mountain hike offers breathtaking views, and besides that, it allows you to connect with nature and clear your mind.

Besides being an accomplished author, she is also a renowned public speaker and mentor.

The resort offers a wide range of recreational activities, and besides that, it has a luxurious spa for ultimate relaxation.

The technology conference features keynote speakers from top industry leaders, and besides that, it hosts hands-on workshops for attendees.

The summer festival offers various workshops and cultural performances, and besides that, it has a vibrant artisan market.

The novel delves into complex themes of identity and belonging, and besides that, it showcases beautiful prose and storytelling.

The wildlife sanctuary is home to diverse animal species, and besides that, it actively engages in conservation efforts.

The car show displays classic and vintage automobiles, and besides that, it hosts competitions for car enthusiasts.

Besides her busy schedule, she makes time for daily meditation to promote mindfulness and inner peace.

The historical museum showcases artifacts from different eras, and besides that, it offers interactive exhibits for children.

The workshop focuses on building leadership skills, and besides that, it emphasizes teamwork and effective communication.

Besides his accomplishments in sports, he actively supports charitable causes and donates a portion of his earnings.

The music festival features a diverse lineup of artists, and besides that, it celebrates local talent through open mic sessions.

The urban park offers recreational facilities such as playgrounds and sports fields, and besides that, it hosts outdoor concerts during the summer.

The tropical island boasts stunning beaches, and besides that, it has unique marine life for snorkelers and divers to explore.

The charity gala raises funds for various causes, and besides that, it recognizes outstanding contributions of community members.

Besides the historical significance, the castle is also rumored to have hidden treasure, adding to its allure.

The workshop provides practical tips for stress management, and besides that, it offers relaxation techniques like yoga and meditation.

The winter resort offers skiing and snowboarding, and besides that, it has cozy lodges with crackling fireplaces.

Besides his role as a CEO, he actively mentors young entrepreneurs and guides them in building successful startups.

The science exhibition showcases cutting-edge research, and besides that, it encourages interactive learning through hands-on experiments.

Besides the academic curriculum, the school promotes physical fitness and offers various sports programs.

The documentary film raises awareness about environmental issues, and besides that, it highlights inspiring stories of conservation efforts.

The charity organization supports various causes, and besides that, it provides scholarships for underprivileged students.

The food festival features culinary delights from around the world, and besides that, it offers cooking demonstrations by renowned chefs.

Synonyms Of Besides – Another Words

Also, Likewise, Too, Added To, Additionally, Along With, And All, Apart From, As Well As, Aside From, Beyond, Conjointly, Else, Exceeding, Exclusive Of, Extra, Further, Furthermore, In Conjunction With, In Distinction To, In Excess Of, In Other Respects, More, More Than

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