bent in a sentence

She is bent upon doing mischief.

There can be students whose natural bent of mind is towards creative art.

He is bent on mischief.

I have a natural bent of mind for the medical courses.

He is bent on marrying her.

He was bent down with age

She was bent over with age

He is bent upon listening to a story.

My mother has a religious bent of mind.

I know your bent of mind.

He is bent on mischief.

He is bent to ruin himself.

Don’t use bent coins in a slot machine.

Why are you bent upon going there ?

One of his toes had been bent in the accident.

How was his toe bent ?

His toe had got bent.

I’ll not sit near such boys as are bent upon making a mischief.

How did Father get his toe bent ?

She was slightly bent.

He was a child with a contemplative bent of mind.

He is bent on doing mischief.

He was bent upon going.

He is bent on making mischiefs.

The priest bent down before the altar of the goddess.

He is bent on attending the meeting.

He is bent upon making mischief.

You are bent on mischief.

He is bent on attending the meeting.

He bent his head.

He is bent on making mischief.

The tree bent under the weight of the fruit.

He bent his head low.

He is bent on becoming a vocalist.

She bent awkwardly in front of me.

She bent her head in shame.

The strong wind bent the branches of the trees, creating a beautiful archway in the garden.

She bent down to tie her shoelaces before starting her morning jog.

The weight of the heavy books bent the shelf, causing it to sag in the middle.

The determined athlete bent over backward to win the gymnastics competition.

He bent the wire into a loop to create a makeshift handle for the basket.

The detective bent down to examine the footprints left at the crime scene.

She carefully bent the pipe to fit the specific measurements of the plumbing system.

The flexible ruler could be bent into various shapes for drawing intricate designs.

The musician bent the strings of the guitar to create a unique and soulful sound.

He bent the rules to give his friend an advantage in the competition.

The willow tree’s branches gracefully bent towards the water’s edge.

She bent the plastic lid of the container to seal it tightly.

The artist carefully bent the wire sculpture into its final shape, adding intricate details.

The metal fence was bent out of shape by the force of the car crash.

The acrobat effortlessly bent backward into a graceful backbend during the circus performance.

The dancer’s body seemed to defy gravity as she bent and contorted in a mesmerizing routine.

The skilled craftsman bent the wooden planks to create a curved shape for the boat hull.

The hiker bent down to pick up a colorful wildflower growing along the trail.

The archer expertly bent the bow, preparing to release the arrow with precision.

The tree branches gently bent under the weight of the freshly fallen snow.

The old photograph had a slight bent corner, showing signs of wear and tear.

She had a natural bent for mathematics and excelled in her calculus class.

Despite his best efforts, the stubborn nail remained bent after several attempts to straighten it.

The detective had a unique bent for solving complex mysteries that left others baffled.

The windy storm left the trees on the hillside bent at odd angles.

His wry sense of humor often took a dark and twisted bent that some found amusing.

The artist’s creative bent led him to experiment with various media and styles.

The politician’s speech took a populist bent, focusing on issues that resonated with everyday citizens.

His culinary bent became evident when he effortlessly prepared a gourmet meal from scratch.

The athlete’s impressive physical strength allowed him to lift heavy weights with ease, showcasing his muscular bent.

Her adventurous bent led her to explore remote places and engage in thrilling activities.

The bicycle’s frame was specially designed with a bent shape to provide a more aerodynamic ride.

The author’s writing had a philosophical bent, often exploring existential themes.

His love for music took a classical bent as he dedicated himself to learning and mastering the violin.

Her determined bent to succeed led her to overcome numerous obstacles in her career.

The comedian’s humor often took a satirical bent, poking fun at societal norms and politics.

The winds during the storm were so strong that they bent the flagpole almost in half.

His mechanical bent was evident when he effortlessly fixed the broken lawnmower without any instruction.

The detective’s analytical bent allowed him to see patterns and connections that others missed.

Her artistic bent was evident in the way she used colors and textures to create captivating paintings.

The musician’s musical bent led him to experiment with blending different genres in his compositions.

His intellectual bent made him a natural fit for academic research and theoretical discussions.

The engineer’s problem-solving bent allowed him to devise innovative solutions to complex challenges.

The scientist’s experimental approach took a futuristic bent, exploring technologies not yet widely understood.

Her culinary bent extended to baking intricate pastries and creating elaborate cake designs.

Her playful bent emerged when she ingeniously turned everyday objects into whimsical works of art.

The author’s writing took a philosophical bent, delving into the complexities of human emotions.

His fascination with history took a historical bent as he dedicated himself to researching ancient civilizations.

The tree’s trunk had an unusual bent, suggesting it had grown around an obstacle in its early years.

Her mechanical bent became apparent when she effortlessly repaired the broken lawnmower engine.

The detective’s investigative bent led her to uncover a hidden connection between seemingly unrelated events.

The project’s creative bent encouraged participants to think outside the box and propose innovative solutions.

The musician’s genre-blending compositions took a contemporary bent, merging classical and electronic elements.

Her artistic bent was evident not only in her paintings but also in the way she styled her living space.

The detective’s analytical bent enabled her to piece together the clues and solve the complex case.

His culinary bent extended beyond cooking; he also had a talent for pairing unique flavors in cocktails.

The mathematician’s logical bent made her adept at solving intricate puzzles and complex equations.

The conversation took a philosophical bent as they delved into the meaning of existence and consciousness.

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