belonged in a sentence


He belonged to a lower middle class family.

He belonged to a very rich family.

He belonged to a humble family.

He belonged to a well-to-do family.

Rabindranath Tagore belonged to a very respectable family of Bengal.

He belonged to a rich influential family.

This hut belonged to a poor woman.

She belonged to a middle class family.

This land belonged to me.

My parents belonged to Amritsar.

He sold the scooter which belonged to his father.

It belonged to his son.

He belonged to a rich family.

It appeared that he belonged to a good family.

He belonged to a prosperous family.

He sold the car which belonged to his father.

He belonged to a family that was rich and wealthy.

He belonged to a middle-class family.

We heard many screams from inside the house.

My sister belonged to the basketball club last year.

She wished the lovely dog belonged to her.

This island belonged to France in the 19th century.

The old photograph found in the attic belonged to my grandmother, and it holds sentimental value for our family.

The abandoned puppy wandered the streets until it was rescued and brought to the animal shelter where it now belonged.

The rare artifact discovered during the archaeological dig belonged to an ancient civilization that thrived centuries ago.

The book on the shelf belonged to the library and had to be returned by its due date.

The house on the hill belonged to a wealthy businessman who rarely visited but maintained it meticulously.

The discarded backpack that was found near the park belonged to a young student who had accidentally left it behind.

The painting displayed in the museum belonged to a famous artist known for their impressionist style.

The car parked in the driveway belonged to the new neighbors who had just moved in next door.

The beautiful song playing on the radio belonged to a talented singer-songwriter who had recently released their debut album.

The passport found on the airport floor belonged to a traveler who had unknowingly dropped it while rushing to catch their flight.

The stunning necklace worn by the actress on the red carpet belonged to a renowned jewelry designer who had created it specifically for the event.

The abandoned suitcase at the train station belonged to a forgetful traveler who had accidentally left it behind.

The exquisite painting that hung in the gallery belonged to a private collector who generously loaned it for the exhibition.

The handwritten letter discovered in the attic belonged to a long-lost relative, offering insights into the family’s history.

The abandoned bicycle found by the roadside belonged to a child who had outgrown it and left it behind.

The vintage record player belonged to the music enthusiast’s grandparents and held a special place in their heart.

The key found on the sidewalk belonged to a locked diary, holding secrets and memories of its owner.

The medal displayed in the trophy case belonged to a renowned athlete who had achieved great success in their sport.

The treasured family recipe passed down through generations belonged to the matriarch of the family, who held it dear.

The charming cottage in the countryside belonged to a retired couple who found solace in the tranquility of nature.

The old map discovered in the library belonged to an explorer who had charted uncharted territories long ago.

The wallet left behind at the restaurant belonged to a forgetful customer who rushed out without noticing.

The antique pocket watch displayed in the museum belonged to a historical figure who played a significant role in the past.

The beautiful songbird perched on the branch belonged to a species that was rare and protected.

The well-worn journal found in the attic belonged to a writer who chronicled their experiences and reflections.

The delicate china teacup belonged to the family’s heirloom collection and was passed down from generation to generation.

The handwritten love letters found in the shoebox belonged to the couple who lived in the house decades ago.

The vintage camera discovered in the flea market belonged to a renowned photographer who captured iconic images.

The worn-out teddy bear found in the attic belonged to the homeowner when they were a child, evoking cherished memories.

The exquisite necklace that sparkled in the jewelry store window belonged to a famous actress who wore it to a glamorous event.

The misplaced set of keys belonged to the homeowner and had been inadvertently left on the kitchen counter.

The handwritten recipe card belonged to the beloved grandmother, containing the secret to her famous apple pie.

The old vinyl records found in the basement belonged to the music enthusiast’s father and offered a nostalgic trip down memory lane.

The abandoned artwork left behind in the studio belonged to a struggling artist who had moved away without taking it.

The family photo album found in the storage box belonged to the parents, chronicling the growth and milestones of their children.

The exquisite tapestry that adorned the castle walls belonged to a long-gone royal family, showcasing their wealth and prestige.

The abandoned diary discovered in the attic belonged to a writer who had poured their heart and soul into its pages.

The luxurious yacht docked in the marina belonged to a famous entrepreneur who enjoyed spending leisurely days on the open water.

The vintage typewriter displayed in the museum belonged to a renowned author who used it to create their literary masterpieces.

The antique pocket watch discovered in the old trunk belonged to a soldier who fought in World War II.

The forgotten diary found under the bed belonged to a young girl who documented her dreams and aspirations.

The mysterious key found in the garden belonged to a hidden treasure chest waiting to be unlocked.

The majestic painting hanging in the art gallery belonged to a famous artist known for their bold and vibrant style.

The handwritten manuscript tucked away in the library’s archives belonged to a renowned playwright of the 19th century.

The quaint cottage nestled in the countryside belonged to an author seeking solitude and inspiration for their novels.

The rare artifact discovered in the ancient ruins belonged to a civilization that thrived thousands of years ago.

The delicate porcelain teacup found in the antique shop belonged to a royal family and carried a sense of history.

The weathered journal discovered in the attic belonged to a sailor who detailed their adventures across the seven seas.

The forgotten photo album discovered in the attic belonged to a generation long gone, capturing memories of a bygone era.

The abandoned piano in the music room belonged to a prodigious musician who once filled the house with enchanting melodies.

The handwritten letter found in the old mailbox belonged to a long-lost lover, expressing heartfelt emotions and longing.

The heirloom pocket watch passed down through generations belonged to a family patriarch and held sentimental value.

The tattered map discovered in the library’s archives belonged to an explorer who charted unknown territories in search of adventure.

Synonyms Of Belonged – Another Words

Apply, Exist, Fit, Reside, Accord, Agree, Appertain, Associate, Bear, Become, Befit, Chime, Concern, Correlate, Correspond, Go, Harmonize, Inhere, Match, Permeate, Pertain, Refer, Regard, Set, Suit, Touch, Vest

Antonyms Of Belonged – Opposite Words

Avoid, Differ, Disagree, Disapprove, Disassociate, Disconnect, Oppose, Refuse

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