how to use Because Example Sentences

You shouldn’t risk losing your job because of that.

He was fined because of his absence.

Don’t stop working because of me.

I want to review the lesson because I need to.

He passed the examination because he had worked very hard.

He is respected because he is honest.

I could not attend my school because of fever.

Because of his tolerable nature, he didn’t lodge FIR against you.

We should help him because he is very poor.

I love her because she is very affable.

We were happy because you had topped the list.

Because you are rich you can buy anything.

We respect our soldiers because they defend our country.

The streets are flooded because it has been raining hard.

He was fined because of his absence.

He failed because he did not work hard.

He didn’t come because he was ill.

He passed because he had worked hard.

He died because he drank too much.

He cannot buy a car because he is poor.

I can’t go to school because I am not well today.

I help him because he is my friend.

He stood first because he worked hard.

could not meet him because I was very busy.

He does Yoga because he wants to be fit.

He cannot attend his office because he is ill.

I love my friend because he loves me.

No one likes him because he is a queer fish.

I am grateful to him because he helped me at a pinch.

I listened because I loved her voice.

I could not sleep last night because it was very stuffy.

I am body and soul indebted to him because of his timely help.

She will be able to win a prize because she is working hard for it.

I can’t sleep because of cough.

I had to call off the party because of my wife’s illness.

He is down and out because of his failure in the examination.

We stayed home yesterday because it was raining.

I don’t like him because he is short.

I was tired because I had been working for a long time

He did this merely because he was ordered to.

He is liable to fall ill because he eats in excess.

He is going to the dogs because of his evil habits.

He was fined because he was absent.

He was hanged because he had committed murder.

He was fined because he came late.

I can’t finish it in time because I am already late.

The snowman melted because the sun came out.

You have fallen ill because you over-ate yesterday.

He failed because he didn’t work hard.

We completed the project on time because of you.

He did not attend the meeting because he was ill.

The football game was cancelled because of the rain.

I lost my job because I was often late.

I didn’t tell her because I was afraid of upsetting her.

I am sad because I have failed.

She didn’t attend the meeting because she was ill.

He resigned because he wanted to spend more time with his family.

He cannot understand it because he is dull.

People dislike him because he is cunning.

She cannot solve this sum because it is difficult.

Don’t boast of your wealth because riches have wings.