how to use Because Example Sentences

You shouldn’t risk losing your job because of that.

He was fined because of his absence.

Don’t stop working because of me.

I want to review the lesson because I need to.

He passed the examination because he had worked very hard.

He is respected because he is honest.

I could not attend my school because of fever.

Because of his tolerable nature, he didn’t lodge FIR against you.

We should help him because he is very poor.

I love her because she is very affable.

We were happy because you had topped the list.

Because you are rich you can buy anything.

We respect our soldiers because they defend our country.

The streets are flooded because it has been raining hard.

He was fined because of his absence.

He failed because he did not work hard.

He didn’t come because he was ill.

He passed because he had worked hard.

He died because he drank too much.

He cannot buy a car because he is poor.

I can’t go to school because I am not well today.

I help him because he is my friend.

He stood first because he worked hard.

could not meet him because I was very busy.

He does Yoga because he wants to be fit.

He cannot attend his office because he is ill.

I love my friend because he loves me.

No one likes him because he is a queer fish.

I am grateful to him because he helped me at a pinch.

I listened because I loved her voice.

I could not sleep last night because it was very stuffy.

I am body and soul indebted to him because of his timely help.

She will be able to win a prize because she is working hard for it.

I can’t sleep because of cough.

I had to call off the party because of my wife’s illness.

He is down and out because of his failure in the examination.

We stayed home yesterday because it was raining.

I don’t like him because he is short.

I was tired because I had been working for a long time

He did this merely because he was ordered to.

He is liable to fall ill because he eats in excess.

He is going to the dogs because of his evil habits.

He was fined because he was absent.

He was hanged because he had committed murder.

He was fined because he came late.

I can’t finish it in time because I am already late.

The snowman melted because the sun came out.

You have fallen ill because you over-ate yesterday.

He failed because he didn’t work hard.

We completed the project on time because of you.

He did not attend the meeting because he was ill.

The football game was cancelled because of the rain.

I lost my job because I was often late.

I didn’t tell her because I was afraid of upsetting her.

I am sad because I have failed.

She didn’t attend the meeting because she was ill.

He resigned because he wanted to spend more time with his family.

He cannot understand it because he is dull.

People dislike him because he is cunning.

She cannot solve this sum because it is difficult.

Don’t boast of your wealth because riches have wings.

We had to cancel our picnic because of the heavy rain.

He got the job because of his impressive qualifications and experience.

She was excited because she had won a scholarship to her dream university.

He missed the train because he overslept and couldn’t catch it on time.

The kids were thrilled because they got to meet their favorite cartoon characters at the amusement park.

The movie was well-received because of its compelling storyline and exceptional performances.

The meeting was rescheduled because the key participants were unavailable.

The restaurant was full because it had just been featured in a popular food blog.

The dog was barking because it heard a noise outside.

The traffic was heavy because of the ongoing road construction.

The concert was canceled because the lead singer fell ill.

The shop was closed because it was a public holiday.

She couldn’t call him because her phone’s battery had died.

The cake turned out perfectly because she followed the recipe carefully.

The basketball team won the championship because they played exceptionally well in the finals.

She was able to solve the puzzle because she noticed a hidden clue.

The play received rave reviews because of its impressive set design and talented cast.

He got a promotion at work because of his outstanding performance and leadership skills.

The project was completed ahead of schedule because the team worked efficiently.

The teacher was proud of her students because they all scored well on the exam.

The company’s profits increased because of the successful launch of a new product.

The plant was thriving because it received plenty of sunlight and water.

The team lost the game because they made several mistakes during the match.

The baby smiled because her mother was making funny faces at her.

They chose that restaurant because it had excellent reviews and a diverse menu.

The city’s tourism industry flourished because of its rich cultural heritage and historical landmarks.

They had to cancel the outdoor event because of the sudden onset of bad weather.

The park was crowded because of the annual music festival being held there.

The students were excited because they were going on a field trip to the science museum.

The road was closed because of a traffic accident, causing a detour for drivers.

She received a promotion at work because of her dedication and consistent performance.

The concert was canceled because the main performer fell ill just before the show.

The hotel was fully booked because it was peak tourist season in the area.

She was feeling tired because she had stayed up late studying for exams.

They were laughing because of a funny joke that one of their friends told.

The store had a sale because they wanted to clear out old inventory and make room for new products.

The company received a prestigious award because of its outstanding achievements in innovation.

They chose that restaurant because it was highly recommended by their friends.

The baby was crying because it was feeling uncomfortable in its wet diaper.

He was excited because he received a job offer from his dream company.

The project was delayed because of unexpected technical issues.

She got a raise at work because of her outstanding performance and contributions to the company.

They were relieved because they finally found their lost keys.

The meeting was rescheduled because the CEO had to attend an urgent business conference.

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