became in a sentence


India became a free nation on 15th August 1947.

India became free on 15 August, 1947.

Who became the first president of independent India?

Everything that we see today was a dream before it became reality.

After the departure of my friend, I became sad.

He became the chairperson of the company on the demise of his father.

India became a republic on 26th January, 1950.

He became very famous because of his generous ways.

After this show, he became a national rage.

He became successful by working hard.

She became paranoid about my well-being.

He became half-dead with hunger.

It became a famous tourist attraction.

He became a pervert, a voyeur of violence.

He became one of my best friends in a short time.

He became extremely furious.

I became an instant fan of her smile.

The heat became untolerable.

The clouds soon cleared away and it became quite warm.

Asoka became a Buddhist and sent out bands of missionaries to all parts of the country to preach Buddhism.

The boat became unsteady.

I became so exhausted that I walk no longer.

He became penniless.

He became an IAS officer.

When he heard the news he became sad.

If anyone abused him he became angry.

This became a bone of contention between the two.

He became a Commander.

It became more stuffy.

It became the talk of the town.

It became very cool and pleasant.

The game now became very exciting.

The ground became slippery.

She became a national hero.

Kalpana Chawla became the first Indian-American woman to visit space.

I became less and less interested in mathematics.

Her hair became grey with the years.

She suddenly became famous.

She became drowsy after supper.

She became reconciled with her friend.

She became the director of the cardiology department at the city hospital.

We instantly became friends.

We became very good friends.

The game became exciting.

All of a sudden the sky became dark.

His breathing became faint.

He became a citizen of the United States.

He became a member of this club five years ago.

He became more and more famous.

He became brave in the face of danger.

He became irritated.

She succeeded as a singer and became famous.

They became nervous.

He became a preacher.

He became an orphan when he was ten.

My grandmother became sick last week.

He became wiser as he grew older.

She became pregnant.

He became a minister.

They immediately became friends.

She became a successful entrepreneur after years of hard work.

He became a doctor to help those in need.

The weather became increasingly unpredictable as the storm approached.

After intensive training, she became a skilled dancer.

They became best friends in elementary school and remained close ever since.

The little caterpillar became a beautiful butterfly.

With practice, he became proficient at playing the piano.

She became the CEO of the company at a young age.

As time passed, he became more and more confident in his abilities.

The small town became a bustling city over the years.

He became a father for the first time, and his life changed forever.

She became a famous actress after her breakout role in a blockbuster movie.

The tiny seedling became a towering oak tree.

They became a formidable team through hard work and collaboration.

Over time, their relationship became strained due to misunderstandings.

After the accident, he became a paraplegic but didn’t lose his spirit.

She became a renowned scientist known for her groundbreaking research.

He became a chef and opened his own restaurant.

The pond became a haven for various species of birds.

As they grew older, their personalities became more distinct.

She became a published author with her debut novel.

He became a skilled craftsman, specializing in woodworking.

The night sky became illuminated with a display of fireworks.

They became homeowners after saving for years.

Over time, their friendship became unbreakable.

She became a mentor to many young aspiring artists.

He became a mentor to guide others in their careers.

The abandoned building became a shelter for homeless individuals.

She became a vegetarian after learning about animal cruelty.

As they traveled, they became enamored with different cultures.

He became a well-known motivational speaker, inspiring others.

The once empty field became a lush garden.

She became a yoga instructor to promote health and wellness.

They became allies in the fight for justice.

Over time, their feelings for each other became stronger.

He became a philanthropist, donating to various causes.

She became a role model for young girls aspiring to be scientists.

The old factory became a trendy art gallery.

He became a detective to solve complex mysteries.

As they practiced, their skills became finely honed.

She became an advocate for environmental conservation.

He became a famous comedian known for his wit.

The quiet neighborhood became lively during the holidays.

They became engaged after a romantic proposal.

Over time, their relationship became more meaningful.

She became a famous singer with a powerful voice.

He became a successful lawyer, defending those in need.

The barren desert became a thriving oasis.

As they studied together, their friendship became stronger.

She became a diplomat, representing her country abroad.

He became a renowned artist, known for his unique style.

The rundown theater became a venue for world-class performances.

They became parents after years of trying.

Over time, the old building became dilapidated.

She became a marathon runner, achieving her fitness goals.

He became a police officer to serve and protect his community.

The empty lot became a bustling market on weekends.

They became explorers, venturing into uncharted territories.

As they shared their dreams, their bond became deeper.

She became a professor, sharing her knowledge with students.

He became a soldier to defend his country.

The peaceful protest became a powerful movement for change.

They became grandparents, cherishing their family.

Over time, their friendship became inseparable.

She became an astronaut, fulfilling her childhood dream.

He became a chef after attending culinary school.

The old library became a cultural center for the community.

They became lovers after a whirlwind romance.

As they traveled the world, their perspectives became broader.

She became a therapist, helping people overcome challenges.

He became a scientist dedicated to finding a cure for diseases.

The neglected park became a vibrant recreational area.

They became business partners, launching their own company.

Over time, their relationship became more meaningful.

She became a volunteer to make a difference in her community.

He became an actor, starring in hit movies.

The deserted island became a paradise for the castaways.

They became allies in the fight for civil rights.

As they shared their experiences, their bond became stronger.

She became a teacher to inspire young minds.

He became an engineer, designing innovative solutions.

The quiet town became a tourist destination.

They became teammates, working together to win championships.

Over time, their love for each other became unshakeable.

She became a chef, creating delicious culinary delights.

He became a firefighter to save lives and protect property.

The vacant storefront became a thriving bakery.

They became friends after a chance encounter.

As they collaborated, their project became a huge success.

She became a counselor to help people through difficult times.

He became a musician, composing beautiful melodies.

The small garden became a haven for native wildlife.

They became pen pals, forging a long-distance friendship.

Over time, their connection became deeper.

She became an advocate for animal rights.

He became a journalist to uncover the truth.

The old church became a community center.

They became teammates on the soccer field.

As they laughed together, their laughter became infectious.

She became a judge, presiding over legal cases.

He became an architect, designing stunning buildings.

The barren land became a lush forest.

They became roommates in college.

Over time, their bond became unbreakable.

She became a scientist, conducting groundbreaking research.

He became a police detective to solve complex cases.

The rundown neighborhood became a vibrant cultural hub.

They became inseparable friends.

As they explored new hobbies, their interests became diverse.

She became a therapist to help individuals with mental health challenges.

He became an inventor, creating useful gadgets.

The empty warehouse became a bustling art studio.

They became allies in the fight against discrimination.

Over time, their goals became aligned.

She became a writer, penning bestselling novels.

He became a surgeon, saving lives in the operating room.

The abandoned factory became a thriving tech startup.

They became partners in a successful business venture.

As they faced adversity together, their resilience became evident.

She became a coach, guiding athletes to victory.

He became a scientist, conducting experiments in the lab.

The neglected park became a beautiful botanical garden.

They became allies in a global environmental initiative.

Over time, their friendship became cherished.

She became a mentor, inspiring the next generation.

He became an astronaut, exploring the cosmos.

The old building became a trendy art gallery.

They became soulmates, sharing their lives together.

As they overcame challenges, their love became stronger.

She became a philanthropist, donating to worthy causes.

He became a professor, imparting knowledge to students.

The quiet village became a popular tourist destination.

They became companions on a thrilling adventure.

Over time, their bond became unbreakable.

She became a therapist, helping individuals heal from trauma.

He became a musician, composing beautiful symphonies.

The vacant lot became a vibrant community garden.

They became teammates on a championship-winning team.

As they pursued their dreams, their determination became unwavering.

She became an advocate for gender equality.

He became a detective, solving perplexing mysteries.

The small café became a beloved neighborhood hangout.

They became collaborators on a groundbreaking project.

Over time, their friendship became invaluable.

She became a teacher, shaping the minds of future generations.

He became a scientist, making groundbreaking discoveries.

The old theater became a thriving performing arts center.

They became allies in a humanitarian effort.

As they shared their dreams, their aspirations became aligned.

She became a leader, inspiring others with her vision.

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