Beauty in a Sentence

The beauty of the Himalayas is majestic.

India is a land of beauty.

There is beauty in nature in all seasons and at every place.

Nature is a storehouse of beauty.

Almost everybody loves beauty in one form or the other.

She boasts of her stunning beauty.

Nature surpasses in beauty all the handiworks of man.

I was amazed by her beauty.

She was very proud of her beauty.

I like to dwell on the beauty of nature.

The beauty of nature is beyond description.

The beauty of nature can’t be described in words.

The beauty of nature is priceless.

Beauty exists in the mind of the beholder.

He was enamored with my beauty.

I stood spellbound by the simplistic beauty of the place.

There is so much beauty to be explored in this world.

She is an image of a stunning beauty.

What do I say about her beauty?

She is a beauty.

She participates in beauty contests.

She envies her friend’s beauty.

Her luxuriant hair adds to her beauty.

The Taj is famous for its beauty.

The beauty of this building consists in its style and grandeur.

As soon as I saw her, I was charmed by her beauty.

She is conscious of her beauty.

She stood out in the crowd because of her beauty.

Beauty is a great blessing.

Duty is beauty.

I admire her beauty.

She has great beauty.

The monument’s beauty charmed me.

The beauty of the Golden Temple is beggar’s description.

She is vain of her stunning beauty.

Beauty needs no ornament.

It is difficult to distinguish between beauty and glamour these days.

Beauty is only a nine days wonder.

She is proud of her beauty.

Himachal is known for scenic beauty.

Your beauty had mesmerized me.

Her beauty is breath taking and mesmerizing.

The monument’s beauty entranced me.

The beauty of the Taj is beyond description.

Water is a source of beauty and joy.

She felt extremely proud of her beauty.

She blushed at the mention of her beauty.

Beauty is a nine days’ wonder.

I was spellbound by her beauty.

I was enchanted to behold the beauty of the Taj.

Taj Mahal has uncommon beauty.

I was struck by her beauty.

Physical beauty is nine days’ wonder.

She is always boasting of her beauty.

A thing of beauty is joy for ever.

Outward beauty is useless if it does not possess inward beauty.

Her slender waist enhanced her beauty.

A garden is a thing of beauty.

It is an ever flowing fountain of divine beauty.

Kashmir is noted for its scenic beauty.

She is a paragon of beauty.

She feels proud of her beauty.

Beauty does not last long.

This beauty is skin deep.

College life has beauty grace and attraction of its own.

Outwards beauty is useless if it does not possess inward beauty.

We all like the beauty of nature.

But for beauty this world would have been a dull place.

Much of the beauty of the earth is because of the presence of plenty of water on it.

Nothing in this world enjoys permanent beauty.

We should not spoil its beauty.

She was admired for her beauty.

He was carried away by her beauty.

She is vain of her beauty.

It is a place where tourists come for the scenic beauty.

Beauty of that garden is great.

Kashmir is certainly rich in scenic beauty.

He was captivated by her enchanting beauty

Synonyms For Beauty

Allure, Artistry, Charm, Delicacy, Elegance, Good Looks, Grace, Refinement, Style, Adorableness, Allurement, Attraction, Bloom, Class, Comeliness, Exquisiteness, Fairness, Fascination, Glamor, Handsomeness, Loveliness, Polish, Pulchritude, Shapeliness, Symmetry, Winsomeness

Antonyms For Beauty

Crudeness, Inelegance, Roughness, Disadvantage, Dog, Homeliness