bear in a sentence

We must bear no ill-will or enmity towards any person.

The heavens above shall bear me out.

If our health is good, we can bear any bad circumstances in our life.

I cannot bear with this insult.

We cannot bear the excessive heat.

I cannot bear separation from my parents.

I had to bear the separation of my parents.

A tree will bear fruit after a certain specific period.

It is impossible for me to bear this burden of love you have cast on me.

I cannot bear separation from my family.

A bear hibernates in the winter.

He couldn’t bear living apart from his wife.

How did you bear all this?

Every man must bear his own burden.

Will you bear with me

I won a teddy bear at the fair.

Bear in mind that the meeting is tomorrow.

May God give us strength to bear the heavy loss!

I cannot bear this pain.

You should bear this loss with courage.

You must bear in mind that you are helping me of your own accord.

Synonyms For Bear

Carry, Deliver, Take, Buck, Convey, Ferry, Fetch, Lug, Move, Pack, Tote, Transfer

Antonyms For Bear

Fail, Hold, Keep, Lose, Maintain, Remain