be in a sentence

I like to be a teacher.

I want to be a doctor.

Be positive and know your potential.

Tell me what you want to be.

Never be greedy.

Do not be selfish.

Spare time should be devoted to creative activities.

I shall be delighted to sponsor you.

Friends and friendship must be tested.

Learn always to be polite.

He is well known to be a liar.

Try to be optimistic about the future.

To be compassionate, one needs purity of heart as well as the mind.

We have to be very careful while talking.

Can I be of any help to you.

This pond seems to be full of fish.

Will you be coming to our party?

What can be the matter with him?

I am ready to risk my life to be with you.

Don‘t be rude.

Will you be playing a match tomorrow ?

He will be able to do the work by himself.

Baby hair is soft and the hair care regime of baby’s hair needs to be carried with special care and attention.

Baby products are specifically formulated to be gentle and safe to use on the sensitive skin of babies.

Bad news may be in store for you today but you are advised to look into the positive side of things.

Bad news might be in store for you along with some physical stress.

Drivers should be aware of the traffic rules.

The exhibition will be held next month.

The store happened to be crowded last night.

I find the plan to be unsatisfactory in several ways.

The news turned out to be true.

The news may be true.

The beggar turned out to be a thief.

It would be unfair if we treated him so badly.

He seems to be bored with the game.

He will be able to solve the problem.

She must be a fool to say so.

You must be a fool to do such a thing.

Don’t be too hard on me.

Can such a strange thing be real?

I admit it to be true.

He grew up to be a great man.

The fact cannot be denied.

Let the paper be signed.

The document was nowhere to be found.

The frame of the machine should be rigid.

The rumor is believed to be true.

The rumor may be true.

When will the concert be held?

I am to be blamed for that matter.

Dinner will be ready soon.

You must be kidding!

Would you be good enough to do it for me?

He was believed to be a criminal.

He might be away at the moment.

Which one will be our final resting place?

That cannot be true.

Let it be done by six this evening.

It is not to be wondered at.

It would be better to try.

It can’t be measured in terms of money.

I think the reports should be posted in a better place.

After the root canal procedure your tooth may need to be restored.

The militants ordered the captives to hold their tongue or they will be punished.

To hold one’s tongue means to be silent, not to speak.

I wish to be a millionaire.

Everyone wishes to be happy.

Unless you speak the truth, you will be fined.

There should be more leaders like him.

Can I be of any help for you?

He is a man to be avoided.

I will be going home next Sunday.

Computers will be taking over most of the jobs.

I expect I will be seeing you when you visit this office next.

The old method is still safe enough to be used.

They’ll be irritated to get it.

I think the person who’s stealing money will be caught.

He used to be a good student.

It can be used.

It used to be impossible to rest.

The motor can be repaired.

The message can be sent.

The letters will be examined.

The students will be assisted.

Will the repair work be done on time?

She used to be hostile toward the man.

She won’t be envious of the man.

I’ll be friendly to the man.

It won’t be practical to go ahead.

I shall be talking.

She will be cooking.

Of course, it must be convenient to live so close to your office.

Proceeding can be dangerous.

Every step I take will become history, so I can’t be committing a mistake.

At times, organs have to be airlifted within a very short period of time.

Having no friends may be as deadly as smoking  The Tribune https:

He only wishes to be  an IAS Officer.

He will be late for work today.

Beds of flowers can be arranged around or in vacant spaces of the lawn.

The job would be difficult.

The river appears to be changing its course.

You have to be present in the class everyday.

Everyone will be considerate.

He used to be enthusiastic.

Please try to be sensible.

We have to be practical.

You should be brave.

We won’t be skeptical.

No, I’m not, but I’ll be leaving shortly.

I’ll be at the meeting early.

They’ll be there.

They’ll be indebted to the man.

Why shouldn’t he be offended by him?

Why will they be indebted to him?

Why should I be offended by that?

Why can they be blamed for that?

He shouldn’t be offended by the man.

No, I’m not, but I’ll be leaving shortly.

She’ll be disturbed.

They’ll be reassured.

They’ll be irritated.

Will there be anything else?

He showed how money should be used to help others.

May you always be blessed with good health.

He asked how long you would be absent.

Practically every professional course and skill can be learnt through online education nowadays.

You’ll be over it soon then.

They have fixed a time limit that this must be over in two weeks, .

Will there be a meeting here next week?

It’s nice to be missed.

Will there be anything else?

That’ll be simple.

That would be advisable.

That’ll be reliable.

That ought to be sufficient.

That should be influential.

That can be consistent.

Which way should I be going then?

I think we’ll be on time.

We’d better hurry, or we’ll be late.

Please try to be sensible.

I hope we’ll be able to wrap the discussion up soon.

Most of the sentences you write will probably be complex.

That mustn’t be assumed.

Fortunately, there seemed to be very little confusion.

He used to be enthusiastic.

Which way should I be going then?

Such matters should be investigated and not let off.

The flats will be allotted to slum dwellers living in the city.

I don’t want this secret to be exposed.

One of these will be opened here.

To include women in the festivities, it was decided that their events be held during the daytime so that they could reach home before it was dark.

These letters seem to be an abbreviation.

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