backbone in a sentence

Farmers are the backbone of our society.

He is patriot to the backbone.

A tree is the backbone of any garden.

Wrong body movement and sedentary lifestyle are leading to problems related to the backbone.

Digital India programme is the backbone of digital learning for the youth of India.

Inflation and corruption had broken the backbone of the common man.

Backbone is the most important part of the body.

Slip disc is a major problem regarding backbone.

Agriculture is the backbone of the Indian economy.

In agriculture, organic matter is considered the backbone of cultivated soils.

My father is the backbone of my family.

The non-stop rising prices of vegetables have hit the backbone of common man.

His backbone had got injured.

Youths are the backbone of the nation.

Trees are the backbone of any aesthetic beautification plan.

Subhash Chander Bose was a patriot to the backbone.

Sardar Bhagat Singh was a patriot to the backbone.

He had been her backbone for two years.

Synonyms For Backbone

Determination, Courage, Firmness, Fortitude, Grit, Guts, Hardihood, Heart, Mettle, Nerve, Pluck, Resolution, Resolve, Spunk, Stamina, Steadfastness, Tenacity, Toughness, Will, Willpower

Antonyms For Backbone

Cowardice, Fear, Indecision, Irresolution, Question, Timidity, Weakness

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