award in a sentence

He won the award by the end of this year.

We shall accept no award.

The award is given to illustrious personalities with extraordinary achievements.

He was given an award.

Let us wait for the award.

The President will award you a prize.

Let us wait for the award.

No sooner did she get the award than she became proud.

He wept to hear of his award.

I had just won an award.

The president gave him an award.

This award is the brightest feather in her cap.

It is a great honor to receive this award.

The President will award you a prize.

Param Vir Chakra is the highest award given for gallantry in war.

This was the 5th edition of the award show.

The award was presented to him.

They received this award for being honest about the ‘ups and downs’ of their careers and personal lives.

He received the prestigious award for the first time.

Synonyms For Award

Allocate, Allot, Assign, Bestow, Confer, Distribute, Donate, Grant, Hand Out, Present, Reward, Accord, Adjudge, Apportion, Concede, Decree, Endow, Gift, Render

Antonyms For Award

Keep, Refuse, Take, Withhold, Disagree

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