avoid in a sentence

We should avoid greasy, spicy and fast food.

We should avoid smoking and drinking.

I advised my friend many times to avoid bad company, but in vain.

Avoid bad company.

He is trying to avoid the company of bad boys.

We should avoid smoking and any other thing that saps our strength.

Many girls avoid seeing the picture with their parents.

Don’t avoid anything, thinking it has got no value.

We should avoid the company of those who are not supportive to our mission.

Our character is revealed by the kind of company we keep or avoid.

The doctor has advised me to avoid spicy and oily food for some days.

Avoid speculation if possible.

Do not avoid responsibility.

Avoid unpleasant gossip.

To avoid accidents, we must follow safety rules.

Plan your life to avoid the in build delays that comes your way.

Avoid careless spending.

Do not avoid problems and shy away from challenges.

Eat a high-fiber diet to avoid constipation.

Avoid eating until the previous meal is fully digested.

Avoid or limit foods high in saturated fat.

If you want to avoid pain, you will have to avoid pleasures also.

Avoid arguments or reading the newspaper while eating.

I avoid travelling by bus as much as I can.

Always avoid bad company.

How can you avoid his company under these circumstances ?

He may avoid you.

We must avoid overstraining.

One should walk on the pavement to avoid accident.

We should avoid thoughtless cutting down of trees.

I am trying to avoid watching TV.

To avoid debt keep down your expenses.

Always avoid such boys as waste their time.

You must confess your guilt to avoid punishment.

To avoid arrest, he ran away.

You could avoid his company.

I avoid meeting him.

Avoid bad company.

We must avoid wasting water.

You must avoid bad company.

He was advised by the doctors to avoid mental strain.

He wanted to avoid punishment and so he ran away.

I avoid going there.

Eat your food slowly to avoid gases in stomach.

Synonyms For Avoid

Avert, Bypass, Dodge, Escape, Evade, Fend Off, Shun, Sidestep, Ward Off, Abstain, Circumvent, Deflect, Desist, Ditch, Divert, Duck, Elude, Eschew, Flee, Hide, Jump, Obviate, Recoil, Shake, Shirk, Shy, Skip, Skirt, Weave, Withdraw

Antonyms For Avoid

Face, Meet, Allow, Help, Permit, Stay, Take On

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