avarice in a sentence

He fell a victim his own avarice.

They have fallen victim to avarice and consumerism.

It signifies the spirit of avarice.

Avarice is the root cause of many ills.

They are least concerned about people and are driven by avarice and opportunism.

We need to forsake blind avarice.

Such avarice is not exclusive to this department.

This is riches beyond the dreams of avarice.

His values are deceit, corruption and avarice.

The fury of nature has been compounded by human avarice.

His avarice and greed can never be satisfied.

Man in his avarice is harming and crippling his fellow beings.

Childhood is devoid of feelings of avarice.

This added to his avarice.

Some men steal out of need or avarice.

There is no end of human avarice.

Human avarice raised its head like a venomous snake at many places.

The avarice of man is linked with his lack of love for nature.

The fury of nature has been compounded by human avarice.

He had no avarice or envy.

But this only added to his avarice.

Synonyms For Avarice

Avidity, Covetousness, Cupidity, Frugality, Greediness, Miserliness, Niggardliness, Parsimony, Penuriousness, Rapacity, Stinginess, Thrift

Antonyms For Avarice

Generosity, Philanthropy

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