avarice in a sentence

He fell a victim his own avarice.

They have fallen victim to avarice and consumerism.

It signifies the spirit of avarice.

Avarice is the root cause of many ills.

They are least concerned about people and are driven by avarice and opportunism.

We need to forsake blind avarice.

Such avarice is not exclusive to this department.

This is riches beyond the dreams of avarice.

His values are deceit, corruption and avarice.

The fury of nature has been compounded by human avarice.

His avarice and greed can never be satisfied.

Man in his avarice is harming and crippling his fellow beings.

Childhood is devoid of feelings of avarice.

This added to his avarice.

Some men steal out of need or avarice.

There is no end of human avarice.

Human avarice raised its head like a venomous snake at many places.

The avarice of man is linked with his lack of love for nature.

The fury of nature has been compounded by human avarice.

He had no avarice or envy.

But this only added to his avarice.

Despite having amassed a great fortune, his avarice knew no bounds, and he constantly sought to acquire more wealth.

The politician’s avarice was evident when he accepted bribes in exchange for political favors.

The avarice of the landlord became evident when he raised the rent prices exorbitantly, leaving many tenants struggling to afford their homes.

The CEO’s avarice drove him to cut corners and compromise the quality of the company’s products to save costs.

The protagonist’s avarice for power and control ultimately led to his downfall in the novel.

The character’s avarice for recognition and fame caused him to step on others and disregard their well-being.

The movie depicted a dystopian society ruled by a small group of individuals consumed by avarice, leaving the rest of the population impoverished.

The avarice of the drug lord led him to expand his criminal empire, disregarding the harm caused to countless lives.

Despite his comfortable lifestyle, his avarice pushed him to exploit his employees, paying them minimal wages and denying them basic benefits.

The novel explored the theme of avarice through the character of a con artist who manipulated others for personal gain.

The main antagonist’s avarice for the sacred artifact drove him to unleash chaos and destruction in his relentless pursuit of power.

The avarice of the oil company led to devastating environmental consequences, as they prioritized profits over ecological sustainability.

The story highlighted the negative effects of avarice, emphasizing the importance of compassion and generosity in building a harmonious society.

The avarice of the inheritance seekers became apparent as they resorted to deceit and manipulation to secure their portion of the estate.

The entrepreneur’s avarice led him to exploit vulnerable communities, extracting resources without regard for their well-being or sustainability.

The protagonist’s avarice for success drove him to sabotage his colleagues’ efforts in order to advance his own career.

The avarice of the diamond smugglers led them to engage in illegal activities, endangering innocent lives in the process.

The main character’s avarice for knowledge led him down a dangerous path, as he disregarded ethical boundaries in his pursuit of forbidden secrets.

The politician’s avarice for power was evident in his willingness to betray his own party and make alliances solely for personal gain.

The fairy tale warned children about the consequences of avarice through the character of a greedy creature who was never satisfied, eventually losing everything he had.

The avarice of the art dealer was revealed when he knowingly sold counterfeit paintings as genuine masterpieces to unsuspecting collectors.

The avarice of the land developer led to the destruction of an ancient forest, disregarding its ecological importance for personal profit.

The protagonist’s avarice for fame and recognition led him to compromise his artistic integrity, producing shallow and commercialized work.

The avarice of the corrupt judge was exposed when he accepted bribes to sway court decisions in favor of the highest bidder.

The avarice of the mining company resulted in devastating environmental pollution, irreversibly damaging the surrounding ecosystems.

The character’s avarice for control and dominance caused him to manipulate and exploit his subordinates, creating a toxic work environment.

The avarice of the CEO was demonstrated through extravagant spending on personal luxuries while the company struggled financially.

The story portrayed the downfall of a once-beloved celebrity due to their avarice, as they prioritized wealth and fame over genuine relationships.

The avarice of the arms dealer fueled an illegal weapons trade, perpetuating violence and conflict in war-torn regions.

The avarice of the gambling addict drove him to steal from his own family and friends in order to fuel his destructive habit.

The protagonist’s avarice for revenge consumed him, blinding him to the collateral damage caused by his actions.

The avarice of the corrupt politician manifested in his acceptance of lavish gifts and bribes in exchange for political favors.

The avarice of the black-market dealer enticed him to engage in illegal trafficking of endangered species for lucrative profits.

The protagonist’s avarice for beauty and youth drove her to undergo dangerous cosmetic procedures, disregarding the potential risks to her health.

The avarice of the technology company was evident when they exploited user data for targeted advertising without proper consent.

The story depicted a society consumed by avarice, where individuals resorted to extreme measures to outdo one another in wealth and status.

The avarice of the corrupt contractor led to the construction of substandard buildings, putting the lives of occupants at risk.

The avarice of the factory owner became apparent when he violated safety regulations to maximize production, resulting in hazardous working conditions.

The protagonist’s avarice for fame and fortune led her to betray her closest friends and compromise her own values.

The avarice of the arms manufacturer fueled an arms race, perpetuating global conflicts and instability.

The avarice of the corrupt official was exposed when he embezzled public funds meant for infrastructure development, leaving the community in dire need.

The main character’s avarice for power and control led him to manipulate political systems, undermining democracy for personal gain.

The avarice of the pharmaceutical executive was evident when they withheld life-saving drugs from the market to drive up prices.

The avarice of the celebrity chef was revealed when he compromised the quality and safety of his dishes in pursuit of higher profits.

The protagonist’s avarice for revenge consumed him, leading to a tragic cycle of violence and destruction.

The avarice of the corporate shareholders resulted in massive layoffs and downsizing, prioritizing short-term gains over the livelihoods of employees.

Synonyms For Avarice

Avidity, Covetousness, Cupidity, Frugality, Greediness, Miserliness, Niggardliness, Parsimony, Penuriousness, Rapacity, Stinginess, Thrift

Antonyms For Avarice

Generosity, Philanthropy

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