audible in a sentence

What he said was not audible.

The speaker was not audible because of the noise.

What he said was not audible.

Nothing is clearly audible from the other side.

His voice was scarcely audible in the din.

  1. Her breathing became barely audible as she tiptoed through the dark room.

  2. The sound of waves crashing against the shore was faint but audible.

  3. The coach’s audible instructions directed the players on the field.

  4. The speaker’s voice was clear and audible through the microphone.

  5. Despite the distance, the roar of the waterfall was still audible.

  6. He whispered inaudibly, making his words barely audible.

  7. The crowd’s cheers were audible from several blocks away.

  8. The ringing of the alarm bell was clearly audible throughout the building.

  9. The rustling leaves made an audible sound in the quiet forest.

  10. The audible gasp from the audience indicated their surprise.

  11. The loud crash was audible even from the neighboring house.

  12. The singer’s performance was so powerful that her emotions were audible in her voice.

  13. The ticking of the clock was the only audible sound in the room.

  14. The speaker’s passion made his words even more audible.

  15. The distant thunder became gradually more audible as the storm approached.

  16. Her laughter was infectious and audible across the room.

  17. The music playing in the background was just barely audible.

  18. The mechanic listened carefully for any audible signs of engine trouble.

  19. The teacher’s audible sigh expressed her frustration with the situation.

  20. The echo in the empty room made every footstep audible.

  21. The audible warning signaled the approaching train’s arrival.

  22. The whisper was barely audible over the bustling crowd.

  23. The movie’s soundtrack was loud enough to be audible from the adjacent room.

  24. He spoke with an audible quiver in his voice, revealing his nervousness.

  25. The wind howled, creating an eerie and audible presence.

  26. The singer’s vocal range was impressive, reaching both high and low audible notes.

  27. The comedian’s jokes had the entire audience in audible laughter.

  28. The recorded message was barely audible due to poor audio quality.

  29. The bell’s chime was audible across the quiet town.

  30. The sound of rain on the roof was soothingly audible.

  31. The phone’s vibrating alert was almost as noticeable as the audible ringtone.

  32. The street performer’s guitar playing was both audible and captivating.

  33. The audible pause in the conversation signaled a moment of reflection.

  34. The radio broadcast was barely audible due to interference.

  35. The distant sirens were only faintly audible over the city noise.

  36. The audible crack signaled the breaking of the fragile vase.

  37. The sigh of relief was audible as the storm passed without incident.

  38. The recorded lecture was clear and audible, making it easy to follow.

  39. The runner’s heavy breathing was clearly audible at the finish line.

  40. The baby’s giggles were a joyous and audible delight.

  41. The announcement over the intercom was loud and audible.

  42. The distant church bells were barely audible in the early morning mist.

  43. The chatter of the birds in the trees was pleasantly audible.

  44. The audible applause filled the auditorium after the performance.

  45. The thunder’s rumble was audible before the lightning struck.

  46. The door’s creaking hinge was clearly audible in the silence.

  47. The silence was broken by an audible gasp from the audience.

  48. The sound of footsteps grew louder and more audible in the hallway.

  49. The alarm’s blaring sound was unmistakably audible.

  50. The recorded interview was played back at an audible volume.

  51. The cheers of the crowd were audible even from the back of the stadium.

  52. The radio’s static made the broadcast barely audible.

  53. The audible thud indicated that something heavy had fallen.

  54. The echoing footsteps were the only audible sounds in the empty hallway.

  55. The chirping of crickets became audible as the sun set.

  56. The sound of pages turning was clearly audible in the library.

  57. The audible hum of the machinery filled the factory floor.

  58. The alarm’s persistent beeping was impossible to ignore, making it clearly audible.

  59. The phone’s notification ping was barely audible in the noisy cafe.

  60. The distant thunder grew more audible as the storm approached.

  61. The tapping of the woodpecker was distinctly audible in the quiet woods.

  62. The audible click indicated that the door was securely locked.

  63. The sound of footsteps approaching was easily audible in the quiet hallway.

  64. The musician’s fingers glided across the piano keys, producing an audible melody.

  65. The recorded message’s instructions were clear and audible.

  66. The audible crunch of leaves underfoot echoed in the empty alley.

  67. The baby’s cries were audible even from the next room.

  68. The audience’s murmurs were barely audible during the dramatic scene.

  69. The alarm’s ringing was loud and audible, alerting everyone in the building.

  70. The singer’s high note was so powerful that it became audible over the orchestra.

  71. The speaker’s microphone amplified his voice to make it more audible.

  72. The audience’s anticipation was palpable and audible in the silence.

  73. The audible slurping sound showed that he was enjoying his soup.

  74. The ticking of the clock was the only audible sound in the room.

  75. The distant laughter of children was barely audible from the park.

  76. The singer’s voice was hauntingly audible in the empty theater.

  77. The sirens wailed, creating an eerie and audible warning.

  78. The audible sigh of relief spread through the room after the tense moment.

  79. The echoing footsteps in the corridor were clearly audible.

  80. The distant music playing was barely audible over the city noise.

  81. The sound of rain pattering on the roof was soothingly audible.

  82. The audible thump of the basketball echoed in the gymnasium.

  83. The distant train whistle was barely audible on the quiet night.

  84. The background noise made the speaker’s voice barely audible.

  85. The chirping of crickets was audible beneath the starry night sky.

  86. The roaring of the engines was audible from the racing cars on the track.

  87. The speaker’s words were clear and easily audible to the entire audience.

  88. The audible announcement informed passengers of the upcoming departure.

  89. The dog’s barking was clearly audible from across the street.

  90. The audible crash of the falling vase startled everyone in the room.

  91. The recorded lecture’s playback was audible despite the noisy surroundings.

  92. The whispers among the students were barely audible in the classroom.

  93. The audible beep signaled that the microwave’s timer had finished.

  94. The singer’s soulful performance made her emotions audible in her voice.

  95. The mechanic’s diagnosis was based on the audible sounds the engine was making.

  96. The quiet hum of conversation was audible in the cozy cafe.

  97. The sound of footsteps on the gravel path was distinctly audible.

  98. The audible warning alerted pedestrians of the approaching train.

  99. The teacher’s lecture was barely audible in the back row of the classroom.

  100. The stadium’s roar of excitement was audible even from a distance.

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