Attention-word meaning in hindi

Noun : अवधान, आदर, आदर-सत्कार, आवभगत, चौकसी, ध्यान, परवाह, मनोयोग, सत्कार, सावधान, सावधानी, तवज्जो, परोपकारी अवधान, सावधान स्थिति, खास देखरेख

Example Sentences :

May I direct your attention to this?

They should pay attention to the points given below.

I draw the attention of the Govt.

I wish to draw the attention of the public to the growing fondness for fashions among our youth.

I wish to draw your attention to the existing programmes being telecast by Doordarshan.

The streets, everywhere in the town, need the urgent attention of the local authorities.

Some students feel homesick and pay little attention to studies.

We hope the Municipality would give its utmost attention to raise a beautiful park for the children.

She paid full attention to him.

He pays less attention to his studies than to games.

Give full attention to what I say.

Pay attention to agriculture.

If a man’s attention is divided between two things, he cannot apply full mind and energy to any of them.

They do not pay attention to class lectures.

He does not pay any attention to what I say.

They do not pay any attention to it in their homes.

You are paying less attention to your studies than you used to do.

We beg a moment of your attention and serious consideration

You’re not paying attention.

These children need attention and care.

The beginning should catch the attention of the reader and urge him to read on.

He pays too much attention to her.

An ideal citizen pays attention more to his duties than to his rights.

You have paid no attention to his advice.

Is much attention being given to that problem?

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