At once-word meaning in hindi

Noun : एक ही समय में

Adverb : एकाएक, झट, तुरंत, तुरत, तुरन्त, अविलंब, फ़ौरन, एक ही समय में

Example Sentences :

This book is at once interesting and instructive.

She was at once removed to hospital.

Go at once and change for dinner.

He released the bird, which at once flew away.

The cashier was at once taken to hospital.

See at once right away.

Everything can’t be changed all at once.

We take up so many tasks at once that it gets difficult to complete them.

If you start at once you’ll arrive by six o’clock.

He is at once stern and tender.

She was at once frank and honest.

Please push this button at once in case of emergency.

The news of the accident was sent out at once over the radio.

Leave this building at once in case of an earthquake.

The police spotted him at once.

He announced that he would come at once and investigate the matter.

Let’s start at once and have done with it.

All at once the ship left the pier.

He at once applied the brakes but before the bus could stop It dashed against the tractor.

All at once the bride burst into laughter.

They had to leave at once to catch the train.


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