at home in in a sentence

  1. He goes to shimla in spring and stays at home in winter.
  2. He is at home in studies.
  3. He is quite at home in English.
  4. She is at home in Sanskrit.
  5. I feel at home in their company.
  6. He is at home in many modern languages.
  7. He is at home in English he will surely get very high marks in the examination.
  8. I am at home in English.
  9. My brother feels at home in history.
  10. He is at home in his office.
  11. He is at home in grammar.
  12. He is at home in English.
  13. Is your brother at home ?
  14. I can not stay at home without you.
  15. I was not at home yesterday.
  16. He’ll be at home now.
  17. I hope everybody at home is quite happy.
  18. Is he at home ?
  19. Was he at home yesterday?
  20. Were you at home yesterday?
  21. Is he at home now?
  22. She will be at home by now.
  23. He will not be at home tomorrow.
  24. Why was he operated on at home ?
  25. I feel completely at home here.
  26. We stayed at home because of the bad weather.
  27. You were not at home yesterday.
  28. I feel quite at home here.
  29. I am happy to know that everyone at home is fit and fine.
  30. He stayed at home because he was ill.
  31. I have aged parents at home to take care of.
  32. Please feel at home here.
  33. How can we lose belly fat at home without exercise.
  34. Don’t worry, you can make your own natural mouthwash at home .
  35. How can we make apple face packs for glowing skin at home .
  36. How can we make hair removal wax at home.
  37. How can we straighten hair at home.
  38. Work pressure and discord at home will bring some stress.
  39. He found murdered at home.
  40. He just sits at home and watches movies.
  41. He is at home in modern English literature.
  42. He is at home in phonetics as well as linguistics.
  43. They had to stay at home all day.
  44. I don’t feel at home in her company.
  45. He wasn’t at home when I called on him.
  46. We weren’t at home yesterday.
  47. She isn’t at home now.
  48. We stayed at home because it was raining.
  49. I’ll watch TV at home.
  50. You must have been at home at that time.
  51. Do you spend more time at home or at work?
  52. Was he at home yesterday?
  53. You can get in touch with me at home this evening.
  54. He sits at home and watches movies.
  55. Do you listen to the radio at home every day?
  56. Please make yourself at home here.
  57. You are now quite at home in English.
  58. It’s difficult to feel at home in a foreign language.
  59. Our company needs someone who is at home in advanced technology.
  60. It was so cold that I stayed at home all day.
  61. I was at home then.
  62. He stayed at home as he was told.
  63. He wasn’t at home when we went to visit him.
  64. I would rather stay at home than go alone.
  65. Are you always at home in the evening?
  66. You were at home yesterday
  67. Will you stay at home tonight?
  68. Is your mother at home now?
  69. I’ll be at home in the morning.
  70. Both my parents are at home now.
  71. I will be at home when he comes next.

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