astute in a sentence

He is an astute business tycoon.

How are you able to make such an astute observation?

He was an astute mediator who could resolve many a political or social differences.

This book is an account of his journey to become an astute businessman.

He is an astute statesman.

He is an astute economist with a clear vision.

I have been impressed with your astute observations and his humility.

He is a well-read and astute conservationists.

He is an astute astrologer.

Be astute, it is no time for narrow thinking.

He is a man blessed with the astute wisdom.

He is responsible, astute and open-minded.

They have lacked astute leadership.

He is a astute man and knew his strengths and shortcomings.

He is an astute politician.

Synonyms Of Astute – Another Words

Adroit, Canny, Crafty, Discerning, Insightful, Intelligent, Keen, Shrewd

Antonyms Of Astute – Opposite Words

Foolish, Idiotic, Inept, Naive, Stupid, Asinine, Ignorant, Imbecile, Obtuse