asset in a sentence

An ideal citizen is an asset to a nation.

Healthy youth is an asset whereas the unhealthy person is a burden of his family, on society and on the country.

Friendship is indeed an asset in life.

Discipline is a precious asset.

Sometimes, the art of flattery proves to be a great asset in one’s life.

After doing this course I would prove an asset to the company.

The library in our area is a big asset for the people.

He is an asset to it.

A good library is indeed an asset to a school.

A friend is an asset to a person.

He is an excellent cricketer and a great asset to his team.

He is, in fact, an asset to the nation.

He is an asset to the society.

If given appointment I am sure I will prove an asset for your organisation

A true friend is an asset.

Instead of becoming an asset he becomes a liability to his family.

A friend is an asset to a person.

An ideal citizen is a great asset to a nation.

Such teachers are really an asset to the nation.

He is indeed an asset for the school.

His ability to get on with people is his chief asset.

A well-stocked library is an asset to a school, a college or a university.

Discipline is a valuable asset in life.

He is an asset to the nation.

The park is a big asset to the people of our town.

Hair is an important asset of the body that no one wants to loose.

Synonyms Of Asset – Another Words

Aid, Benefit, Credit, Resource, Service, Blessing, Boon, Distinction, Help, Treasure

Antonyms Of Asset – Opposite Words

Hindrance, Hurt, Injury, Disadvantage, Liability

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