aspect in a sentence

You should not overlook the economic aspect of this problem.

His speech was limited to only one aspect of the subject.

It has an impact on every aspect of life.

Technology is the all-pervading aspect of our life.

Science has really revolutionised every aspect of human existence.

In each and every aspect of life media is leaving a very deep impact.

The tourism industry is one of the most important aspect of the economy.

Punctuality is an essential aspect in our life.

We are fully surrounded by anxiety in every aspect in our lives.

Primary education is one of the most important aspect for a child.

We should pick and follow only the good aspects of western culture.

They examined every aspect of the problem.

Communication is the most important aspect.

It is a dangerous aspect of viral fever that can turn fatal as well.

Every aspect needs to be properly analysed and evaluated:

Frankly speaking it is not so difficult but still all of us seem to fail in this aspect.

Synonyms Of Aspect – Another Words

Attitude, Condition, Facet, Form, Air, Appearance, Bearing, Countenance, Demeanor, Expression, Face, Look, Manner, Mien

Antonyms Of Aspect – Opposite Words