arrested in a sentence

The police arrested six persons who had been accused of raping 13-years-old girl.

This man has been arrested in connection with the robbery.

The police have arrested two persons for allegedly consuming drugs in a truck.

The police arrested four people with fake currency to the tune of Rs 200000.

The police have arrested three persons who are involved in demand of Rs 20 lakh extortion from a hosiery business man.

He was arrested on a charge of theft.

He was arrested along with his two accomplices.

He was arrested on the charge of blackmailing.

The police have arrested him on the charge of theft.

He was arrested for demanding ransom.

The police went after the murderers in full cry and arrested them.

The police arrested the criminal.

He was arrested for the illicit sale of drugs.

He was arrested for murder.

He was arrested on the charge of murder.

Alas ! The innocent person has been arrested.

He has been arrested by the police.

The man who had stolen my purse has been arrested.

He was arrested on the spot.

The police arrested the wanted dacoit.

The police arrested the dacoit who was wanted.

When he arrived home, Police arrested him.

This is the man whom the police arrested.

The police could not draw out any specific clues from the arrested persons.

He is the man who was arrested by the police.

The thief was arrested by the police.

He was arrested for supplying counterfeit currency.

The police arrested a gang of robbers.

The arrested man confessed his guilt in the court.

The police arrested him before he stole money.

Has the Police arrested the murderer ?

He stole a car, so he was arrested.

Have you arrested the thief ?

Has he been arrested ?

The thief who stole into our house has been arrested.

The police informed us that they had arrested the thief.

The police have arrested the thieves.

You can be arrested any time now.

The policeman arrested the thief.

The Police have arrested all the thieves.

He is afraid that he may be arrested.

He fled for fear of being arrested.

Run away at once or you shall be arrested.

The police broke upon the robbers and arrested them.

He was arrested for hoarding grain.

The police arrested him on a charge of theft.

The man who stole the bicycle has been arrested.

The police have arrested five dacoits.

Why were you arrested in US?

Synonyms Of Arrested – Another Words

Jailed, Seized, Under Arrest

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