Area in a sentence

There is a shopping area nearby.

The whole area was set ablaze.

Floods have done a lot of damage in this area.

This is an area where most of the students commit mistakes.

My village exists in a low lying area that has a warm summer and a chilly winter.

It is very difficult to estimate the area that the internet cover.

There are very chances that they take place in the area where there are larger bodies.

The fresh air of the open area refreshers our body and mind.

Please find the area of the triangle.

The area was quiet.

The surrounding area was very quiet.

Forests cover a significant area of the earth.

It will not only beautify the area but also make it more attractive.

Sundarbans is a large mangrove forest area.

The monsoon season in this area is also very weak by the time they reach there.

Technology is important because it makes you feel more secure with every area in life for both personal and business reasons.

Teachers can help improve society and or community by contributing their knowledge and area of expertise to the world.

The green park near my house makes the area much more beautiful.

When a seed of a plant or tree grow it makes the area around it greener.

It can only be solved when the rural area of the country is improved.

She stayed in that area for a short while.

My office is in the central area of the city.

The same force spread over a smaller area will produce more pressure.

Software is classiifed according to area of applications.

The people of this area are modern aren’t they ?

These institutions give chances to each individual to participate in various activities and events that help them to explore their area of interest.

This land area is to set up new industries.

Deforestation certainly reduces the area of forests around the World.

In fact there is no area of modem life in which science has not made an impact.

What is the area of this house?

Yesterday I happened to pay a visit to the area lying outside the city.

Ten persons were killed when a bus fell into a deep gorge in a remote area.

There are cypress trees, flowers and fountains in the area surrounding it.

I have toured this entire area in my younger days.

They flattened the area with bulldozers.

What’s the area of this office?

The doctor was known in the area to everybody.

Zoo animals are kept in very confined area compared with their vast natural habitat.

We went round the fair area twice.

How can I find out what area it’s in?

The area turned into a fortress with the deployment of heavy police force.

The area might be a bit swollen.

This little trick can help get rid of dead skin cells that darken the area .

Use a good moisturizer and apply it on your abdominal area legs and hands also.

It will instantly brighten up the whole eye area .

Apply this paste on the affected area and keep it for at least minutes.

Take few ice cubes in a thin towel and apply them over the affected area and rub gently.

The bird with chopped feathers was kept in a specially built area.

There were celebrations all over the area.

Earlier, hundreds of workers gathered near the Grain Market area and raised slogans against the ruling government.

They had been urging the government to construct a concrete road in the area for long, but to no avail.

The area was very open.

This particular area is located in the industrial belt of Punjab.

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