ardent in a sentence


He is an ardent admirer of Western music.

He is an ardent believer of Lord Vishnu.

I am an ardent fan of Hindi movies.

He is an ardent fan of soccer.

I am an ardent admirer of Sufi music.

I am an ardent supporter of hockey.

I am an ardent fan of Mirza Ghalib’s poetry.

I am an ardent fan of Michael Jackson.

I am an ardent music lover.

I have an ardent passion for music.

His strength and spirit of adventure makes him ardent lover of sports.

I am an ardent ice hockey fan.

I am an ardent fan of football.

I am an ardent Bollywood fan.

He was an ardent follower of Mahatma Gandhi.

I have been an ardent viewer of this show.

He is an ardent ice hockey fan.

He is an ardent fan of the legendry poet Rudyard Kipling.

If you are an ardent traveler then you may also want some adventure!

I am an ardent cricket fan.

He is an ardent music lover.

He yielded to her ardent wishes.

He went abroad in opposition to her ardent wishes.

Despite the team’s recent losses, their ardent fans continue to show unwavering support at every game.

Mark’s ardent pursuit of knowledge led him to read dozens of books on various subjects every month.

The politician delivered an ardent speech, passionately advocating for social justice and equality.

Jenny’s ardent love for music is evident in the way she spends hours practicing her guitar and writing songs.

Alex is an ardent collector of vintage vinyl records and has an impressive collection spanning multiple genres.

The ardent display of fireworks on New Year’s Eve illuminated the night sky and filled the spectators with joy.

The ardent hiker trekked through the challenging mountain terrain, fueled by a passion for adventure and exploration.

As an ardent environmentalist, Peter actively participates in beach clean-ups and promotes sustainable practices in his community.

The ardent chess player spends hours studying strategies and competing in tournaments to improve his skills.

Maria’s ardent desire to help others led her to join a humanitarian organization and volunteer in impoverished communities.

The ardent reader devoured books of all genres, constantly seeking new stories and ideas to enrich her mind.

Thomas is known for his ardent support of the local arts scene, attending every theater performance and art exhibition in the city.

Despite facing numerous setbacks, Sarah’s ardent determination to succeed enabled her to overcome challenges and achieve her goals.

The ardent photographer traveled to breathtaking locations, capturing the beauty of nature through the lens of his camera.

David’s ardent belief in equal rights for all fuels his activism and involvement in social justice initiatives.

The ardent athlete trained rigorously, pushing her physical limits to excel in her chosen sport.

The ardent advocate for education reform tirelessly campaigns for better resources and opportunities for students in underserved communities.

Olivia’s ardent devotion to her religious beliefs is evident in her daily prayer rituals and active involvement in her faith community.

The ardent supporter of the arts generously donates to local theaters and galleries to ensure the continued flourishing of creative expression.

The ardent conservationist is dedicated to preserving endangered species and habitats, actively working with conservation organizations.

Rachel’s ardent pursuit of justice led her to become a human rights lawyer, fighting tirelessly for marginalized individuals and communities.

The ardent gardener spends hours tending to her plants, nurturing them with care and precision.

Alex’s ardent enthusiasm for cooking is evident in the elaborate meals he prepares for his family and friends.

The ardent supporter of gender equality advocates for equal opportunities and fair treatment in all aspects of society.

Despite the challenges, the ardent entrepreneur remains steadfast in her vision and continues to work tirelessly to build her business.

The ardent admirer of literature has a vast collection of books, each carefully selected and cherished.

Mark’s ardent patriotism is evident as he proudly displays the national flag on his front porch and participates in local civic activities.

The ardent advocate for mental health awareness tirelessly works to reduce stigma and promote access to support services.

The ardent supporter of scientific research passionately argues for increased funding and recognition of its importance in advancing society.

David’s ardent commitment to his community is demonstrated through his regular volunteer work at local shelters and food banks.

The ardent student of philosophy engages in deep discussions and debates, constantly seeking to expand his intellectual horizons.

Olivia’s ardent dedication to fitness is evident in her daily exercise routine and disciplined approach to maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

The ardent animal lover devotes her time to rescuing and caring for abandoned pets, finding them loving homes.

The ardent advocate for social equality passionately fights against discrimination and works to empower marginalized communities.

Karen’s ardent support for renewable energy drives her to install solar panels on her roof and educate others about sustainable practices.

The ardent campaigner for animal rights tirelessly lobbies for stricter legislation against animal cruelty and promotes veganism.

Daniel’s ardent pursuit of excellence has earned him multiple awards and recognition in his field of research.

The ardent advocate for affordable housing tirelessly works to address the housing crisis, pushing for policy changes and community initiatives.

Laura’s ardent determination to overcome her physical limitations inspires those around her as she participates in marathons and triathlons.

The ardent admirer of classical art frequently visits museums to study the brushstrokes and compositions of masterpieces.

Christopher’s ardent commitment to volunteerism leads him to serve at soup kitchens, homeless shelters, and community cleanup events.

The ardent supporter of education donates scholarships to deserving students, believing in the transformative power of knowledge.

Despite facing criticism, the ardent believer in climate change remains resolute in raising awareness about the need for environmental action.

Samantha’s ardent commitment to social justice leads her to participate in protests and advocate for policy reforms.

The ardent supporter of LGBTQ+ rights tirelessly fights for equal rights and acceptance in society.

Robert’s ardent love for cooking drives him to experiment with new recipes and techniques in the kitchen.

The ardent environmentalist organizes tree-planting initiatives and actively promotes sustainable living practices.

Elizabeth’s ardent pursuit of a medical career involves long hours of studying, volunteering at hospitals, and pursuing research opportunities.

The ardent defender of free speech argues for the importance of open dialogue and diverse perspectives in a democratic society.

The ardent supporter of animal welfare advocates for stronger animal cruelty laws and the adoption of shelter pets.

Despite setbacks, the ardent entrepreneur remains optimistic and resilient, constantly seeking new opportunities for business growth.

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