arbitrary in a sentence

I am not bound to follow your arbitrary decision.

The arbitrary and dictatorial attitude of the schools needs to be checked.

A majority of parents are up against the arbitrary fee hike by private schools.

Many of us suffered because of this arbitrary decision.

Law must be reasonable and non arbitrary.

It is discriminatory and arbitrary.

It is an arbitrary decision.

Be just and if you can’t be just be arbitrary.

How do you rotate an image by an arbitrary angle?

You shouldn’t put any arbitrary expectations on yourself.

Do not make your request arbitrary.

It does seem strange and arbitrary.

Is God arbitrary in deciding our fate?

Synonyms Of Arbitrary – Another Words

Capricious, Discretionary, Erratic, Frivolous, Inconsistent, Irrational, Irresponsible, Random, Subjective, Unreasonable, Willful

Antonyms Of Arbitrary – Opposite Words

Consistent, Definite, Dependable, Logical, Reasonable, Regular, Reliable, Sensible, Steady, Unchanging

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