approve in a sentence

I entirely approve of your plan

We feel sure that you will approve of our action in this matter

I don’t approve of the idea.

I approve of your suggestion.

Why don’t they approve of him.

Why did he approve of them?

I approve of your partnership with him.

I didn’t approve this marriage proposal.

I neither object nor approve of it.

The Principal did not approve his conduct.

I think you will approve of my plan.

I do not approve of your action.

How can I approve of such a thing ?

I hope you will approve of my plan.

I will not approve of such a behaviour in future.

Nobody will approve of this plan.

I do not approve your misconduct.

I am sure you will approve of all this.

I approve of the new scheme.

She did not approve of my behaviour.

Education does not approve of the bookworm, who is lost in books all the time.

I cannot approve of your conduct.

Do you approve of my plan?

I do not approve of your plan.

I do no approve of your foolish behaviour.

Synonyms Of Approve – Another Words

Accept, Favor, Acclaim, Admire, Applaud, Appreciate, Approbate, Commend, Countenance, Esteem, Handle, Like, Praise, Respect

Antonyms Of Approve – Opposite Words

Censure, Condemn, Criticize, Denounce, Deny, Despise, Disapprove, Dislike, Disregard, Disrespect, Hate, Neglect, Refuse, Scorn

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