approach in a sentence

Ambitious people have a gleam in their eyes as they approach their goals.

By following this approach people would have a lot of free time with them.

Don’t approach the dog.

Each of them suggested a different approach to the problem.

Few can approach him.

He can’t decide which approach to take.

He had an idealistic approach to life.

He must possess a positive approach to life.

He tried to approach her by every possible means.

Here we have a fresh approach to writing on grammar.

His approach to most problems is scientific.

His performance is an approach to perfection.

His style and approach are modern and his attitudes are pragmatic and rational.

I could not approach him.

I have no approach to the Managing Director.

I like him for his lively approach to life and its problems.

I will show you a new approach to foreign language learning.

If the individual has a negative approach towards life then no amount of blessings in his life will ever make him satisfied and he will end up in problems.

If you approach the officer directly, he may listen to your request.

Is the modem man not commtting suicide by adopting a purely selfish approach ?

It is linked with the District Headquarters with an approach road.

It is the correct approach to modern ski technique.

Let us approach the subject from another side

Let’s try another approach to the matter.

Many on-line companies need to have a new approach to business to survive.

My boss told me it’s hard to approach me.

No one can approach him in wideness of knowledge.

Preventing constipation is the best approach to treat it.

That’s the best approach to the study of lish.

The approach of the students is serious.

The human approach to growth and prosperity has always turned a blind eye to the environment and its replenishment.

The villagers used to approach him for resolving their disputes and quarrels.

Their approach is concept based and very practical.

There is an urgent need for a new approach to dealing with this problem.

Thinkers are an introvert and have a very practical approach towards life.

This approach has worked better in many countries and there has been a reduction in the sale of tobacco products.

This is the positive approach to life.

Try to have a realistic approach while framing your timetable.

We can achieve the desired results in adverse situations through a carefully-planned approach.

We could not approach the ticket window.

We have given your village a new approach road.

We won’t approach the enemy.

Yoga is a wholesome approach to over all good health.

You cannot approach him.

You need to approach your doctor immediately once you begin to see any signs or symptoms.

Your optimistic approach will help you handle your responsibilities with ease.

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