apathy in a sentence

He has an apathy for serious reading.

Apathy in government employees is not because they are low-paid or hungry.

She alleged police’s apathy in dealing with her dowry complaint.

He always shows apathy to everyone.

We are protesting against the apathy of the Municipal Corporation.

A stinking garbage dump on the road shows the apathy of the authorities.

To some extent apathy is a universal disease.

What are the reasons for the apathy that we show towards other human beings?

This project has fallen prey to official apathy.

He is a victim of police apathy.

What is the difference between apathy and indifference?

Apathy is a lack of interest in something.

I have apathy towards the pop fashion world.

What is at the root of your apathy?

Apathy is normally not universal.

Apathy is usually detrimental to yourself.

I have been feeling increasing apathy over the years.

How can I overcome a lack of energy and apathy?

What are the signs and symptoms of apathy?

In present-day society apathy has become the biggest curse.

Synonyms Of Apathy – Another Words

Indifference, Insensitivity, Lethargy, Aloofness, Coldness, Coolness, Detachment, Disinterest, Dispassion, Disregard, Dullness, Emotionlessness, Heedlessness, Insensibility, Insouciance, Lassitude, Listlessness, Passiveness, Passivity, Stoicism, Unconcern, Unresponsiveness

Antonyms Of Apathy – Opposite Words

Interest, Care, Concern, Feeling, Passion, Sensitivity, Sympathy, Warmth