anything in a sentence

You can do anything you want to do.

He will do anything for money.

We don’t know anything about her.

Don’t do anything.

He can help you with anything else you need.

We are ready to do anything for you,

I don’t know anything about music.

I never do anything without consulting my father.

It is always easier to talk about anything than to do it ourselves.

Is anything bothering you?

Can you suggest anything?

I don’t know anything about him.

if you need money for anything just give me a call.

She is a heart patient so please don’t argue with her or tell her anything.

Call me if you need anything.

He had not said anything about this to me.

Don’t say anything else.

Don’t say anything stupid.

You don’t do anything about us.

I will do anything for you.

Would you like to know anything more?

Is there anything I can do to help?

You can get anything you want.

Is there anything else ?

Have you anything to say?

Is there anything here worth buying?

Is there anything wrong with your car?

Is there anything better than a busy life ?

Is there anything greater than love ?

Is there anything I can do for you ?

Is there anything troubling you ?

Can I do anything for you ?

He never does anything that is silly.

He never believed anything to be impossible .

We can’t do anything about it.

We do not know anything about her.

He did not do anything that was wrong.

They had not anything to eat.

Has he anything further to say ?

A man without aim does not achieve anything in life.

Do we know anything about the future ?

Do not say anything.

Please do not do anything dangerous.

Have you lost anything ?

Nobody could do anything in that matter.

I am not doing anything wrong.

Why don’t you eat anything ?

Can I do anything for you ?

I daren’t say anything against him.

Do not steal anything belonging to others.

Do not write anything on your books.

Have you anything else to say .

Do you know anything about their financial condition ?

Has she anything on her mind ?

This was a first time that I had heard anything like this.

I can’t find anything wrong with his theory.

I would do anything for you.

He doesn’t have anything in his bag.

He didn’t eat anything yesterday.

He can’t see anything with his left eye.

She can cook anything without recipes.

I can’t buy anything today

Do you know anything ab him?

He doesn’t think he did anything wrong.

I didn’t buy anything at that store.

You can’t make me do anything I don’t want to do.

He doesn’t know anything about what happened.

You can’t do anything other than admire his courage.

You can’t trust anything he says.

He didn’t tell him anything at all about his plan.

Don’t you have anything better to do with your time?

Synonyms Of Anything – Another Words

All, Everything, Any One Thing, Anything At All, Whatever

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