antonyms / synonyms / anxiety in a Sentence

Most students look towards their examinations with anxiety.

There is no cause for anxiety.

I have a high level of anxiety.

Anxiety is a disease that has a negative effect on our body.

The baby’s mother was full of anxiety about her infant’s health.

We tie ourselves with the chains of anxiety and lose all our potential.

You can push away your anxiety with your internal power.

Psychologists say that anxiety leads to physiological imbalance and results in disease and illness.

Fear leads to anxiety which in turn leads to irrational thinking.

Anxiety can lead to downfall.

The best way to avoid anxiety and fear of exams is to start studying from the beginning of the session.

Anxiety is writ large on the faces.

Preparation of short notes to glance at just before exams may help in refreshing memory and lessen the anxiety.

I was trying hard to sound indifferent but my anxiety spilled over to my voice.

His anxiety is quite apparent.

I have no anxiety for future promotion.

I do not have any cause for anxiety.

The doctor told him that there was no cause for anxiety.

Name some of the drugs used to treat anxiety and depression.

The old lady had great anxiety for the safety of her son.

It is free from all worry and anxiety.

A man feels happy only when he is free from anxiety.

The anxiety that I suffered was extreme.

I know of your anxiety and your concern for me.

His anxiety increases with the passage of each minute.

The examination days are full of anxiety and nervousness.

Synonyms Of Anxiety – Another Words

Angst, Apprehension, Concern, Disquiet, Doubt, Dread, Jitters, Misery, Misgiving, Mistrust, Nervousness, Panic, Restlessness, Suffering, Suspense, Trouble, Uncertainty, Unease, Uneasiness, all-overs,

Antonyms Of Anxiety – Opposite Words

Advantage, Belief, Blessing, Calm, Calmness, Certainty, Collectedness, Confidence, Contentment, Ease, Faith, Happiness, Joy, Peace, Security, Sureness, Trust, Peacefulness