Large antonym-opposite word of large in English

Cramped, Dwarf, Empty, Inconsiderable, Insignificant, Limited, Little, Miniature, Miniscule, Minor, Minute, Narrow, Poor, Restricted, Short, Slight, Small, Teeny, Tiny, Unimportant, Exclusive   Example Sentences : The whale is a very large mammal who lives in the sea. The box is covered with a large sheet of paper. There were a few large old wooden houses … Read more

Interesting antonym-opposite word of interesting in English

Boring, Disgusting, Familiar, Homely, Normal, Ordinary, Repulsive, Ugly, Unattractive, Unimpressive, Usual, Disenchanting, Repellent   Example Sentences : This book is interesting to read. This is the most interesting story that I have ever read. Were there any interesting topics in today’s history class? There were quite a few interesting things to see. We sometimes have … Read more

Strong antonym-opposite word of strong in English

Broken, Delicate, Easy, Feeble, Fragile, Idle, Impotent, Inactive, Indefinite, Ineffective, Inept, Infirm, Insignificant, Intermittent, Lazy, Lethargic, Little, Loose, Moving, Slack, Sluggish, Small, Soft, Unable, Undependable, Unfixed, Unimportant, Unstable, Untrustworthy, Vulnerable, Weak, Wobbly, Yielding Example Sentences of Strong : One must learn to face the difficulties with a strong will power. How strong are you? A … Read more