answer in a sentence

He could not answer my question.

I did not like his answer.

I could answer but I did not.

I had no answer to this question.

Listen to it carefully and answer my question judiciously.

I hope you find the answer you are seeking.

Students answer questions in an examination.

Please read the above passage carefully and answer the question that follow.

The evasive answer of your cannot satisfy anyone.

Who can answer this question?

I refuse to answer any of your questions.

Will you answer my question?

Your answer is right.

The answer is beside the question.

Please Simplify your answer.

Your answer should not exceed more than ten lines.

How smart of you to answer this ticklish question !

This answer is better than all other answers.

You must write your answer on both sides.

His answer was a perfect one.

He was asked to answer for the misbehaviour.

You have to answer to me for your conduct.

I should like you to answer my question properly.

She can answer this question easily.

When you subtract 2 from 5 the answer is 3.

I didn’t have an answer to his question.

That’s not an answer to my question.

I don’t have the answer to those questions.

I have no answer for this.

I have the correct answer to your question.

Every man must answer for his actions to God.

I am not in a position to answer to that.

You are not in a position to answer my question.

Your answer is quite wrong.

Please submit your answer books.

Do not answer back your elders.

Who will tell you the answer to this question ?

Which is the proper way to answer this question?

He knows how to answer the question.

You can’t answer all of them personally, can you?

It was sensible of him to answer truthfully.

You didn’t answer my question.

I cannot answer this question.

I got the answer right, much to my satisfaction.

He must answer to me for his misconduct.

Your answer is partly correct.

Neither answer is correct.

To be sure, he checked the answer twice.

Your answer was wrong.

I wish to fully answer your question.

She did not answer my question.

I don’t bother to answer any question.

The teacher marked the answer sheets and returned them to the students.

I can answer all your specific enquiries without hesitation.

There was no answer to this question.

His answer did not satisfy them.

I will answer the question.

He was asked to answer for his misconduct.

He had no answer to such a decision.

It was easy for me to answer all the questions as I had already prepared them.

I cannot answer this now.

His answer to this question is wrong.

He gave his officer no answer for fear he might annoy him.

Your answer is quite right.

No one would answer him a word.

They gave us some very useful hints about how we should answer our papers.

I think my answer to this question is to the point.

Marking answer books is a job which requires great skill and experience on the part of the examiner.

He was asked to answer his misconduct.

He did not answer me.

Read the passage and answer the questions given below:

He tried to find the answer but failed.

Synonyms Of Answer – Another Words

Comment, Explanation, Feedback, Interpretation, Justification, Key, Observation, Rebuttal, Remark, Report, Resolution, Response, Result, Return, Sign, Solution, Statement

Antonyms Of Answer – Opposite Words

Problem, Question, Quiet, Request, Silence, Trouble

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