animals in a sentence

A zoo is a place where animals of all kinds are kept.

In ancient times man lives in forests like animals.

Some animals do us great service.

Cruelty to animals is immoral.

Why do animals need water?

The plants should be protected from animals.

We get food from plants and animals.

Men and animals breathe through nose.

Animals have feelings like us.

Some animals are used as beasts of burden.

Never show cruelty to dumb animals.

We must take care that nobody harms or kills animals.

Water is the life of men and plants, as well as of animals.

Dogs are faithful animals.

Humans and animals cannot survive long without water.

We must adopt a humane attitude towards animals.

Killing of the animals is prohibited.

Laws should be made to prevent the ill-treatment of animals.

Not only men but all animals and birds should have the right to live happily.

Dogs are faithful animals.

Ever since man came on this earth he hunted wild animals.

He had to pass through a thick forest infested with wild animals.

Synonyms Of Animals – Another Words

Beast, Creature, Pet, Being, Brute, Bum, Critter, Invertebrate, Mutt, Stray, Varmint, Vertebrate

Antonyms Of Animals – Opposite Words

Mineral, Plant

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