Angry-word meaning in punjabi

Adjective : ਕਰੋਧਵਾਨ, ਹਰਖਿਆ, ਕ੍ਰੋਧਵਾਨ, ਸੜਿਆ-ਭੁੱਜਿਆ, ਗੁੱਸੇ, ਉਗਰ, ਨਾਰਾਜ਼, ਤੱਤਾ, ਖਫ਼ਾ, ਵਿਗੜਿਆ, ਨਰਾਜ

Verb : ਰੁੱਸਣਾ,

Verb Intransitive : ਕਰਿੱਝਣਾ

Example Sentences :

If we do not do our work well, our master will be angry with us.

He was very angry at having to pay again.

I hope that after hearing from me, you will no more be angry with me.

He was angry at my behaviour.

Are you angry with her?

The angry man shouted at us.

Leap in with me into this angry flood.

He got angry before I said a word.

He got angry before I had said a word.

Unless we do our work well our master will be angry with us.

It made him angry to wait for people who were late.

She was very angry although she said nothing.

The Principal was angry upon the boys.

He was angry when he heard the result.

The mother told her daughter that her father would be angry if she persisted in her ways.

He came out with an angry expression lying on the tip of his tongue.

She is angry with me.

The teacher was angry at the conduct of the student.

He was very angry when he had to pay again.

She dealt very well with the angry customers.

I was angry when he hit the child.

She showed a lot of restraint and did not get angry with him.

He said in an angry tone.

I was angry with him because he disobeyed me.

I am sure that you will not be angry with me.

Last week, I saw the fury of an angry mob.

Sometimes, I begin to feel that you are angry with me.

He is angry with me at my behaviour.

Although I never punished my boys, yet I was very angry this time.

If your father is angry it does not give you reason to show your anger.

your boss is angry with you.

Droopy eyes give you a saggy, tired and angry face.

A situation may make us angry soon after a round of love.

An angry mob forced a passer train to stop in protest against the alleged.

All of us get angry but children especially smaller ones can have trouble.

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