Angry-word meaning in hindi

Noun : उफनता हुआ

Adjective : नाराज, ख़फ़ा, उफनता हुआ, खीजा हुआ, रुष्ट, प्रचण्ड, अप्रसन्न, तूफ़ानी, क्रोधी, क्रोधित, क्रुद्ध,

Example Sentences :

He expected that he would not be angry with him.

I am sure you will not be angry with me.

He pretended to be angry.

There’s no call to get angry over this matter.

She is angry with me.

I tell you it’s no good your being angry with me.

If we do not get angry and forgive the wrong doer, we become divine.

Are you angry ?

It seems God was specially angry with our household.

My brother was angry with my behaviour.

The angry student barged into the class.

Very often, he has to face the angry customers for not keeping his word.

She was angry and felt humiliated.

She gets angry when he refuses to say a word in self defence.

He became very angry and decided to punish him.

The angry men threw me down from a big height.

I am sure you won’t be angry with me.

Why did he get angry with you ?

I will not impute the angry feelings of other men.

Why did your husband get angry with you ?

The father was angry with his son.

I am sure that you do not angry with me.

Surely, you will not be angry with me.

I hope that after hearing from me, you will no more be angry with me.

He asked why he had got angry with him.

I am angry at her conduct.

The villagers were very angry but went back home.

He came out with an angry expression lying on the tip of his tongue.

People were already angry with the Government but more taxes added fuel to the fire.

He is very angry at me from a week.

She was so angry that she could not speak.

He was very angry and he gave me a tremendous’ thrashings.

All the ministers are angry with the Chief Minister because he has a finger in the pie.

He is angry with me.

They are angry with me.

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