anger in a sentence


He jumped upon me in a fit of anger.

I couldn’t feel anger against him.

Use anger as your servant and not as a master.

Why are you in a fit of anger?

Please keep control over your anger.

Anger or wrath is an intense emotional response.

Anger is an emotional reaction that impacts the body.

Anger can have many physical and mental consequences.

Anger is seen as a supportive mechanism to show a person that something is wrong and requires changing.

The negative effects of anger have been observed throughout history.

One of the first people to study anger and the control of anger was the Roman philosopher Seneca.

Anger is an emotion.

Anger will cause a sage to lose his wisdom, a person who is destined for greatness to forfeit it.

The anger of the people exploded

His anger towards me has not softened.

I couldn’t keep my anger down.

He is anger is understandable.

His anger was such that he lost control of himself.

He swallowed his anger and went on working.

He concealed his anger from the audience.

There was a trace of anger in her voice.

She was beside herself with anger after the argument.

The speaker aroused the anger of the audience.

He always shows his anger openly.

They express their anger and resentment.

We express our anger over the matter.

Giving way to anger is a sign of weakness.

Sometimes parents beat their chidren just to give vent to their anger or frustration.

He showed much anger at his irresponsible behaviour.

What anger have I been guilty of ?

He was crazed with anger and desperation ?

I was red with anger at his remarks.

I was filled with anger when he pulled my hair.

I was prompted by anger and desire to punish.

In a fit of anger the stray dog bit several other dogs.

It is not easy for people to get rid of their anger .

Cleaning is an effective way to get the anger out of your mind.

Your response to anger is very important to determine your peace of mind.

At this stage my anger was mounting.

At times out of anger or anxiousness we say something that we must not say.

His anger flared up when he heard the news.

She tried to suppress her anger, but it was evident in her clenched fists.

The constant noise from the construction site filled him with anger.

He couldn’t control his anger when he saw the damage to his car.

Her anger boiled over when her work was criticized unfairly.

The injustice of the situation fueled his anger.

She lashed out in anger, saying things she later regretted.

The anger in the room was palpable as the argument escalated.

He managed to keep his anger in check despite the provocation.

The anger welled up inside her, making it hard to stay calm.

Her anger was justified given the circumstances.

He struggled to contain his anger at the rude behavior.

The anger in his voice was evident as he confronted the issue.

She tried to channel her anger into productive action.

The anger between the two rivals had been brewing for years.

He clenched his jaw to control his anger.

Her anger towards the dishonesty was hard to ignore.

He expressed his anger through a strongly worded letter.

The anger in the room reached a breaking point, resulting in a shouting match.

She needed an outlet for her anger, so she went for a run.

His anger towards the injustice was shared by many.

She felt a rush of anger when her idea was stolen.

He swallowed his anger and chose not to react.

The anger in his heart was eating away at him.

She tried to mask her anger with a forced smile.

He had to take deep breaths to calm his anger.

The anger in his eyes was impossible to miss.

She channeled her anger into a powerful speech.

He couldn’t contain his anger any longer and stormed out of the room.

Her anger subsided as she realized it wasn’t worth the energy.

He could sense the anger in the air during the tense meeting.

She needed to find a way to release her pent-up anger.

His anger was justified given the circumstances.

She used humor to diffuse the tension and anger in the room.

He felt a surge of anger when he saw the unfair treatment.

Her anger was evident in her sharp tone.

He didn’t want to let his anger get the best of him.

She had to confront her anger issues in therapy.

His anger towards the situation was understandable.

The anger in his voice was a warning sign.

She released her anger by screaming into a pillow.

He struggled to control his anger when he felt disrespected.

Her anger towards the betrayal was consuming.

He had to find a healthy way to release his anger.

The anger between the two nations escalated into a conflict.

She tried to swallow her anger and maintain her composure.

He had a tendency to hold onto his anger for too long.

Her anger was fueled by the sense of injustice.

He needed an anger management course to deal with his outbursts.

She expressed her anger through art and painting.

His anger towards the situation was deeply rooted.

She had to work on her anger issues to improve her relationships.

He needed to address the underlying issues that fueled his anger.

Her anger had been building up over time.

He struggled with anger management and sought therapy.

She needed an anger outlet and took up kickboxing.

His anger was a reaction to feeling betrayed.

She vented her anger to a trusted friend.

He couldn’t hide the anger in his eyes.

Her anger flared up when she saw the mess in the kitchen.

He needed to find healthy ways to cope with his anger.

She took deep breaths to calm her anger.

His anger towards the unfair treatment was justified.

She had a habit of letting her anger fester.

He was known for his quick temper and outbursts of anger.

Her anger towards her ex-boyfriend was still fresh.

He had to learn to manage his anger in a healthier way.

She had a difficult time letting go of her anger.

His anger was fueled by a sense of powerlessness.

She tried to contain her anger during the heated debate.

He needed to confront the source of his anger.

Her anger was a reaction to feeling ignored.

He had a tendency to bottle up his anger.

She used meditation as a way to calm her anger.

His anger had been building up for years.

She couldn’t hold back the tears of anger.

He needed to find an outlet for his anger.

Her anger towards the situation was all-consuming.

He sought therapy to address his deep-seated anger issues.

She had to work on forgiving and letting go of her anger.

His anger was a result of feeling betrayed by his friend.

She tried to rationalize her anger and find a solution.

He needed to confront his anger head-on.

Her anger was a reaction to feeling belittled.

He had to learn to express his anger in a healthy way.

She found relief by writing in a journal about her anger.

His anger was a response to the injustice he witnessed.

She struggled to control her anger during the argument.

He needed to release his pent-up anger through exercise.

Her anger towards her coworker was escalating.

He sought anger management classes to address his issues.

She had a tendency to dwell on her anger.

His anger was a result of feeling disrespected.

She had to confront her anger and work through it.

He needed an anger management plan to avoid outbursts.

Her anger towards the situation was relentless.

He tried to find constructive ways to channel his anger.

She had to address her anger before it destroyed her relationships.

His anger was a reaction to feeling unheard.

She sought therapy to understand the root of her anger.

Synonyms Of Anger – Another Words

Acrimony, Animosity, Annoyance, Antagonism, Displeasure, Enmity, Exasperation, Fury, Hatred, Impatience, Indignation, Ire, Irritation, Outrage, Passion, Rage, Resentment, Temper, Violence, Chagrin, Choler, Conniption, Dander, Disapprobation, Distemper, Gall, Huff, Infuriation, Irascibility, Irritability, Miff, Peevishness, Petulance, Pique, Rankling, Soreness, Stew, Storm, Tantrum, Tiff, Umbrage, Vexation

Antonyms Of Anger – Opposite Words

Calm, Calmness, Cheer, Comfort, Delight, Ease, Glee, Good Will, Happiness, Joy, Kindness, Liking, Love, Peace, Pleasure

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