among in a Sentence

He is a man of straw among the big guns.

The problem of indiscipline among the students is indeed a hard nut to crack.

His property was equally divided among his sons.

Your presence among your enemies distracted me.

This teacher is very popular among students.

The thieves divided the money among themselves.

Distribute the books among the students of this class.

You must not fight among yourselves.

Among the Hindus the festivals are celebrated with great eclat.

Ego is the enemy of self-realization among men and women.

Let us harbour goodwill among different communities.

It has brought concord among the people of the state.

Nervousness is a common disease among the unemployed youth.

His popularity among his friends has reduced because of his unrefined manners.

Narrow mindedness is one of the important causes of conflict among humans at all levels.

The real cause of discontentment among the people in the country is all-round poverty.

May I inquire who is the best singer among these?

Distribute these sweets among the students.

He is the cleverest boy among all his friends.

This book is classed among the great creative works.

Use of violence to solve mutual disputes among individuals is illegal.

Drug addiction is the main cause of degeneracy among teenages.

Morning walk is a common feature among the old and the young in our locality.

He is classed among great men.

Our principal is popular among the students.

This is very popular among the Hindus.

They are arguing among themselves.

I believe that childhood and primary school days are among the best times in a person’s life.

I was among the toppers of your class.

Crocodiles and alligators are the giants among reptiles live in water.

Sweets were distributed among the children of our class.

Disparities among social groups still exist.

The need of the hour is to promote reading habits among students.

Fast food is growing in popularity among teenagers.

He distributes the fruit among the crowd.

Modern fashions are all the rage among boys and girls.

Among these chocolates take which so ever you like the best.

Do not waste your time among friends.

Synonyms Of Among – Another Words

Amid, Amidst, Betwixt, Encompassed By, In Dispersion Through, In The Midst Of, In The Thick Of, Mid

Antonyms Of Among – Opposite Words

Away From, Outside, Separate

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