amity in a sentence


How can we achieve a high degree of amity?

We have always played a key role in maintaining social amity among different sections of society.

We have always stressed on social amity and brotherhood among the different sections of the society.

He has devoted his entire life to amity and harmony.

We are ready to make any sacrifice for peace and amity.

She is an apostle of amity.

The government should use the media to create communal amity.

People of all faiths and castes have lived here in amity.

How can we achieve high degree of amity ?

We should live in peace and amity.

People of all faiths and castes have lived here in amity.

The government should use the media to create communal amity.

The government should use the media to create communal amity.

People of all faiths and castes have lived here in amity.

How can we achieve high degree of amity ?

Despite their differences, the neighbors lived in amity and often helped each other.

The school aims to create an atmosphere of amity among students from diverse backgrounds.

The amity between the two colleagues was evident in their collaboration on the project.

The leader’s speech emphasized the importance of fostering amity and understanding among communities.

The organization works tirelessly to promote amity and reconciliation in war-torn regions.

The amity that existed within the team contributed to their success in completing the project.

The family reunion was filled with joy and amity as relatives embraced each other after a long time.

The politician’s message focused on building bridges of amity across political divides.

The international conference provided a platform for dialogue and amity among participants from different countries.

The community picnic was a wonderful display of amity as people from all walks of life came together to celebrate.

The cultural exchange program facilitated cultural understanding and amity between students from different countries.

The ambassador’s diplomatic skills helped maintain amity and prevent conflicts between the two nations.

The neighborhood association organized regular events to promote amity and neighborly cooperation.

The religious leaders emphasized the importance of amity and respect for all faiths during their interfaith dialogue.

The city’s diverse population lived in harmony and amity, celebrating their differences and commonalities.

The international organization strives to promote global amity by fostering diplomatic relations and resolving conflicts peacefully.

The collaborative project was a testament to the amity and teamwork among colleagues from different departments.

The community center serves as a hub for fostering amity and social cohesion among residents.

The peace conference aimed to facilitate dialogue and build amity between conflicting parties.

The student exchange program was designed to promote cultural understanding and amity among participants.

The small town was known for its tight-knit community and the amity shared among its residents.

The mediation session was successful in restoring amity and resolving the dispute between the two parties.

The amity between the coach and the team members created a positive and supportive sports environment.

The neighboring countries have enjoyed a long history of amity, with open borders and strong economic ties.

The peacekeepers worked tirelessly to restore amity in the war-torn region, facilitating dialogue and rebuilding trust.

The cultural festival was a celebration of diversity and amity, showcasing various traditions and fostering mutual understanding.

The amity among classmates was evident as they supported each other through difficult assignments and exams.

The international summit provided a platform for world leaders to discuss global challenges and seek amity on critical issues.

The humanitarian organization’s mission is to promote amity and alleviate suffering in communities affected by natural disasters.

The joint conservation efforts of environmental organizations aim to protect biodiversity and foster amity with nature.

The town council organized a series of events to promote amity and unity among its residents.

The peacebuilding initiative focused on bridging divides and promoting amity among different ethnic and religious groups.

The book club created a space for intellectual exchange and amity, where members discussed literature and shared ideas.

The international aid organization sent volunteers to war-torn regions to promote amity and provide essential support to affected communities.

The treaty of amity between the two nations solidified their commitment to peaceful coexistence and cooperation.

The nonprofit organization’s mission is to foster amity among disadvantaged youth through mentorship and educational programs.

The team-building exercises were designed to strengthen amity and trust among coworkers, improving collaboration and productivity.

The classroom environment was characterized by amity, with students engaging in respectful discussions and supporting one another’s learning.

The community garden project brought together residents of all ages and backgrounds, cultivating a sense of amity and shared responsibility.

The international music festival aimed to promote amity and cultural exchange by showcasing artists from around the world.

The interfaith dialogue emphasized the importance of amity and understanding among followers of different religions.

The collaborative research project fostered amity among scientists from different  disciplines, leading to groundbreaking discoveries.

The town council organized a community picnic to promote amity and strengthen bonds among neighbors.

The mentorship program aimed to cultivate amity and provide guidance to young entrepreneurs.

The international sports tournament brought athletes from different countries together, fostering amity and friendly competition.

The school implemented a peer mediation program to encourage amity and resolve conflicts among students.

The corporate retreat focused on team-building activities to promote amity and improve communication among employees.

The peace education program taught students the values of tolerance, empathy, and amity as foundations for a peaceful society.

The diplomatic visit was an opportunity for leaders to strengthen amity between their respective nations.

The community service project brought together volunteers from different backgrounds, fostering amity and a sense of shared purpose.

The cultural exchange program aimed to promote amity and understanding by immersing participants in each other’s traditions and customs.

The peacebuilding workshop focused on conflict resolution skills and strategies to nurture amity in interpersonal relationships.

The international summit provided a platform for world leaders to discuss pressing issues and seek amity through diplomacy.

The collaborative art project encouraged amity among participants as they worked together to create a collective masterpiece.

The nonprofit organization works tirelessly to promote amity and social justice through advocacy and community outreach.

The friendship between the two artists was based on mutual respect and amity, leading to fruitful artistic collaborations.

The intercultural event showcased music, dance, and cuisine from various countries, promoting amity and appreciation for diversity.

The dialogue session aimed to bridge ideological gaps and cultivate amity among individuals with differing political views.

The neighborhood watch program was established to promote amity and enhance safety and security within the community.

Synonyms Of Amity – Another Words

Amicableness, Benevolence, Comity, Concord, Cordiality, Friendliness, Goodwill, Harmony, Kindliness, Neighborliness, Togetherness

Antonyms Of Amity – Opposite Words

Aloofness, Disagreement, Discord, Hostility, Ill Will

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