amicable in a sentence

We should decide it in an amicable manner.

We want an amicable settlement of their disputes.

Our headmaster is an amicable person.

Both the parties reached an amicable settlement.

Let us come to an amicable settlement.

Is it possible to be amicable with everyone?

We seek amicable solution of this problem.

They called us for talks to find an amicable solution of this problem.

He seeks amicable settlement.

They are in favour of an amicable settlement on all issues.

They have failed to arrive at any amicable settlement.

We appealed for an amicable settlement.

He had suggested for an amicable solution of the controversy.

We will take up this matter at the meeting and find an amicable solution.

We should find an amicable solution to the problem.

We hope to settle the dispute in an amicable way.

Finally they came to an amicable settlement.

We should decide it in an amicable manner.

We should decide it in an amicable manner.

They reached an amicable settlement.

He is trying for an amicable settlement of the dispute.

My sister has an amicable nature.

Synonyms For Amicable

Amiable, Civil, Cordial, Courteous, Harmonious, Neighborly, Peaceful, Polite

Antonyms For Amicable

Disagreeable, Impolite, Rude, Uncivil, Unfriendly, Unmannerly, Unrefined, Unsociable

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