ambivalent in a sentence

Our society has an ambivalent attitude towards the protection of architectural heritage

It is a deeply ambivalent appeal.

Her relationship with her mother is somewhat ambivalent.

He has an ambivalent attitude towards drinking.

My father’s attitude towards the cell phone is not ambivalent.

His attitude towards women is deeply ambivalent.

He is ambivalent about making it.

I am not ambivalent about it.

Some political parties were ambivalent in their view.

He is ambivalent for long, but now he has come around.

I am ambivalent.

He is ambivalent in its stance.

He has always had an ambivalent attitude towards money-making.

What is the difference between ‘ambivalent’ and ‘indifferent’?

Synonyms For Ambivalent

Contradictory, Doubtful, Equivocal, Hesitant, Mixed, Uncertain, Undecided, Unsure

Antonyms For Ambivalent

Certain, Clear, Decided, Definite, Determined, Secure, Settled, Sure, Undoubted, Unquestionable

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