ambiguous in a sentence

  1. Don’t be ambiguous in the use of language.
  2. His speech was ambiguous to all of us.
  3. He has decided to remain ambiguous and silent in this matter.
  4. Your reply is abrupt, prompt, and ambiguous.
  5. It seems ambiguous and not understandable.
  6. Why are you misleading the public with ambiguous information.
  7. Refrain from making ambiguous statement that created speculations.
  8. His statement is vague and ambiguous in this matter.
  9. Nothing is left vague or ambiguous in this regard.
  10. This information is misleading and ambiguous.
  11. In my opinion this is an ambiguous question.
  12. There are so many areas which are still very ambiguous.

Synonyms For Ambiguous

Cryptic, Dubious, Enigmatic, Equivocal, Inconclusive, Obscure, Opaque, Puzzling, Questionable, Uncertain, Unclear, Vague

Antonyms For Ambiguous

Certain, Clear, Definite, Determined, Known, Obvious, Plain, Sure, Unambiguous, Understandable, Unquestionable

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