always in a sentence

I always wake up at 5 a.m.

Always use good quality shaving cream and clean razors.

They always are in a hurry and worry.

We should always respect our parents.

He always respects his teachers.

I always read good books.

I am always at home on Sundays.

He always wears a white shirt and black pants.

He always helps me.

I always think twice before I act.

I have always believed in myself and living life fearlessly.

My little son always throws bits of food all around when he is taking his meals.

Strangely, we are not always aware that we are under stress.

We always want you to be very happy.

My mother was always over concerned about my health.

Why are you always with him?

He is a very kind person and always helps those in need.

We should thank God always for his blessings.

We should always do our duty and be true to ourselves.

Always remember that problems are a part of life.

I always help my friends.

He always speaks the truth.

She has always helped me.

She will always tell truth.

We should always hope for the best.

He is always late.

They always watch us.

Before we eat our food, we should always wash our hands.

My friend always runs short of money towards the end of the month.

Wherever he goes, he always has an eye to business.

We can always depend upon him.

He always worked for the Hindu-Muslim unity.

His shoes are always shining.

We should always remain friendly with our neighbours.

He is always polite and alert in the class-room.

It is always full of great hustle and bustle.

I have always been well- behaved with all my class-mates.

Who will always stand by you during the time of your difficulties?

I will always stand by you.

I have always got good marks in English.

I shall always remember my first day at school.

He always blows his own trumpet.

Good persons always keep their promise.

Synonyms For Always

Consistently, Constantly, Ever, Invariably, Regularly, Repeatedly, Perpetually

Antonyms For Always

At No Time, Never