how to use Although in a Sentence

Although twins, the two brothers are as different as chalk from cheese.

Although our first attempt failed, we were not discouraged.

Although he is poor, he is honest.

Although the patient has turned the comer still he is in a critical condition.

Although he was intelligent, yet he failed.

Although he did not attempt all the questions, he passed.

Although we ran fast, yet we could not reach in time.

Although he knows s the fact, he will not tell anybody.

Although he began late, he finished first.

Although he earned a lot, yet he saved little.

Although I wound my watch this morning, it has stopped.

Although I ran fast I missed tire train.

You have done this although I told you not to do so.

Although it rained, I went to school.

Although it was raining, we played.

Although he is intelligent, he is simple.

Although it was raining, I went to school.

Although he was at fault, yet he tried to explain away his mistake.

Although he ran fast, he could not catch the bus.

Although he burnt midnight oil yet he failed.

Although he was busy, yet he guided me well.

Although he is an old man yet he is hale and hearty.

Although he is rich, yet he is miserly.

Although he tried to act rough, he was basically a kind man.

Although he worked hard, he failed.

Although he earned a lot, yet he saved little.

Some people are not generous although they have money.

Although he is very rich, he hardly spends any money.

Although he is handicapped, yet he is very hardworking.

Although he is rich yet he is miser.

Although he was heart-broken yet he pressed on.

Although we share the same house, we do not like each other.

Although there are dark clouds in the sky I doubt if it will rain this evening.