also in a Sentence

He is a very learned person and also spiritually evolved.

Would you mind to step aside so that I can also sit well?

May we also have the menu right away?

I’ve had a great deal of work to finish also.

The design of a building can also help in keeping a house cool during the summers.

I like cooking and designing clothes also.

This rule holds good here also.

Apart from his salary he earns a great deal of money from other sources also.

He has also involved me in debt.

We can travel by land and also by water.

He is also a cheat.

As soon as her husband took his last breath she also died.

He came here yesterday also.

I have also had a taste of poverty.

He not only reads but also plays.

He not only lost his purse but also his bicycle.

He was not only convicted of the crime, but also accused of it.

Advertisements also teach a lot about the country from where the ads come.

The study of business courses is also invaluable today.

He was not only a great orator but a good writer also.

He is not only kind and considerate but also hospitable and forebearing.

Internet is also full of fun.

Increasing lead pollution from industries and automobiles can also cause cancer.

Microprocessors that run domestic gadgets are also used in computer.

He is not only a good administrator but also a good teacher.

His name was also added to the list.

Your admission of a good college also depends upon your merit.

He is also obstinate.

Besides having a salary, he also has a private income.

I had forgotten the name of the hotel I had booked into.

I am also satisfied

I have also made a suitable plan for my education.

Games also teach us how to play the game of life.

Fruits contain all the necessary vitamins and minerals which also fit the body’s need.

The newborn also begins to recognize important sounds in his or her environment, .

Synonyms For Also

Again, Further, Likewise, More, Still, Too, Besides