aloof in a sentence

Why are you aloof from all of the others?

I remained aloof for a long time.

It is difficult to remain aloof.

I prefer to stay aloof.

I have taken oath to keep myself aloof from the corruption.

She is a quiet woman and stays aloof.

I have remained aloof from politics all my life.

He was into the habit of frequent outings, suddenly starts remaining aloof.

No one can blame me for being aloof and cold.

I have remained aloof and have kept away from any controversy.

I have always kept aloof from useless gossip and arguments.

I feel he may get slightly aloof as he grows up.

He remained aloof throughout the function.

He stood aloof from her.

He stands aloof from this world.

He always stands aloof from the masses.

Synonyms For Aloof

Detached, Distant, Haughty, Indifferent, Standoffish, Unresponsive, Unsympathetic

Antonyms For Aloof

Compassionate, Friendly, Interested, Kind, Sympathetic, Warm