alone in a sentence

Better alone than in bad company.

Never let your grandparents feel alone.

We should never leave mentally disabled child alone.

The Taj Mahal alone accounts for the majority of foreign tourists visiting India.

We have come into the world alone, we are alone and we will depart alone.

Why don’t you leave me alone?

How can I leave you alone in such a miserable plight?

Just leave me alone.

Please leave me alone.

I would like to see you alone if you don’t mind?

I don’t want to leave you alone at all.

Leave me alone.

Can I see you alone for a minute?

Better alone than in bad company.

I don’t want to be alone.

It is not safe for you to be alone.

I hate to be alone.

I cannot leave you alone here.

I want to meet you alone.

I will not leave you alone again.

Why don’t you leave us poor folk alone ?

I can’t carry on alone any longer I’ll have to get help.

It’s awful to be alone in such a place.

She dare not go out alone on a dark night.

He alone did it.

I alone can do it.

Could you do this work alone ?

I alone live in such a big house.

I will go alone in case he doesn’t come.

Please go away I can’t work unless I am alone.

He came home alone.

Do you think he’s alone?

I found myself all alone, I began to cry.

He did it alone.

He can’t go alone.

I am quite alone.

I did not go there alone.

Don’t go alone.

He lives on milk alone.

I can do it alone.

He cannot live alone.

We left her alone.

Better alone than in a bad company.

Football is not a game of strength alone.

I was all alone at home.

I was all alone.

She was alone in the house.

Why do you not leave us alone ?

Love alone can lessen many ills of the society.

He was too timid to go alone.

The baby is too young to be left alone.

He was all alone when I saw him.

She is a afraid to go alone.

We can’t leave him here alone.

Under no circumstances should you go there alone.

He alone retained his calmness.

Leave me alone.

He is too young to travel alone.

You alone are responsible for this damage.

I wanted to eat it alone.

He was sitting all alone in a room.

Synonyms For Alone

Only, Unattended, Solo, Unaccompanied, Abandoned, Batching It, By Itself/Oneself, Companionless, Deserted, Desolate, Detached, Forlorn, Forsaken, Friendless, Hermit, In Solitary

Antonyms For Alone


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