alma-mater in a sentence

I am proud of my alma-mater.

All of us are really proud of our alma-mater.

I feel proud of my alma mater.

I shall never forget this alma mater of mine in my life.

They brought laurels for their alma mater.

He paid a visit to his alma mater today.

He gets nostalgic on visiting alma mater.

He has donated 500 books from his personal library to his alma mater .

I am appalled to read about the pathetic condition my alma mater is in these days.

He dedicated his success to his alma mater.

She has brought laurels to this town and her alma mater.

Students joined hands to make their stay at their alma mater a memorable part of their life.

They made their alma mater proud.

He motivated the students to remain attached with their alma mater and contribute to its growth and welfare.

We are indebted to our alma mater.

He visited his alma mater on Thursday.

She joined her alma mater as a lecturer.

She has brought laurels to her alma mater.

He has brought laurels to his alma mater and the city.

He wanted students of his alma mater to get opportunities to study and work abroad.

She has brought laurels to the city and her alma mater.

You never realize the worth of your alma mater till you leave it.

They have brought laurels to their alma mater by winning five medals .

After completing her undergraduate studies at Harvard University, she proudly displayed her alma mater’s emblem on her graduation cap.

The successful entrepreneur frequently attributes her business acumen to the rigorous education she received at her esteemed alma mater, Stanford Business School.

The university’s alumni association organized a networking event for graduates to connect with fellow professionals in their respective industries, fostering a sense of community among the alma mater’s graduates.

As a proud alumna of a historically Black college, she actively supports her alma mater by donating to scholarship funds to help provide opportunities for future students.

The university’s alumni magazine showcases the achievements and success stories of graduates, highlighting the impact of the alma mater’s education on various fields.

Every year, the alumni association organizes a reunion event, bringing together former classmates from different graduating years to celebrate their shared connection to their beloved alma mater.

After receiving a prestigious scholarship, he eagerly enrolled at his dream university, excited to become part of its rich academic tradition and contribute to the legacy of his alma mater.

The school’s alma mater song played as graduates walked across the stage, evoking a sense of pride and accomplishment among the graduating class.

The university’s alumni network proved invaluable when he was searching for job opportunities, as fellow graduates from his alma mater were eager to offer support and guidance.

Attending the annual alumni reunion at her alma mater allowed her to reconnect with old friends and forge new connections with graduates from different generations.

The alma mater’s library served as a sanctuary for students, offering a quiet space for studying, research, and exploration of the vast knowledge housed within its walls.

He proudly wore his alma mater’s class ring, a symbol of the lasting bond he shares with his fellow graduates and the institution that shaped their lives.

The renowned professor returned to his alma mater to deliver a captivating lecture, inspiring current students with his expertise and passion for the subject.

The alumni association of the alma mater organized a mentoring program, pairing experienced graduates with current students to provide guidance and support in their academic and professional journeys.

The university’s career services office actively connects graduates with job opportunities, leveraging the strong reputation of the alma mater to open doors in various industries.

She cherishes the memories of late-night study sessions and lively debates in the classrooms of her alma mater, which shaped her intellectual growth and critical thinking skills.

The alma mater’s research center is at the forefront of scientific discoveries, attracting scholars and funding to advance knowledge in their respective fields.

Attending the alma mater’s annual gala, alumni proudly contribute to fundraising efforts, ensuring future generations have access to the same quality education they received.

The alumni magazine features inspiring stories of graduates who have made a positive impact in their communities, showcasing the alma mater’s commitment to producing leaders and change-makers.

The alma mater’s theater department staged a captivating production, showcasing the talents of its students and alumni who pursued careers in the performing arts.

She attended a conference organized by her alma mater, where she reunited with former professors who had a profound influence on her academic and personal development.

The university’s campus bookstore stocks textbooks, merchandise, and literary works by notable alumni, allowing students and visitors to engage with the literary heritage of the alma mater.

The annual alumni giving campaign at the alma mater helps support scholarships, facilities, and academic programs, ensuring access to education for deserving students.

The alma mater’s distinguished alumni board consists of accomplished graduates who actively contribute to the strategic direction and advancement of the institution.

She proudly wears her alma mater’s logo on her backpack, sparking conversations and connections with fellow alumni wherever she goes.

The alma mater’s prestigious law school boasts a high placement rate in top legal firms, attracting aspiring lawyers seeking a competitive education.

The university’s research symposium provides a platform for alumni to present their groundbreaking discoveries and innovations, highlighting the alma mater’s contributions to scientific advancements.

Graduation day was a bittersweet moment as she bid farewell to her alma mater, reflecting on the transformative years of personal growth and academic pursuit.

The alma mater’s faculty members are recognized for their expertise and are frequently sought after for speaking engagements and collaborations with other institutions.

The alumni mentorship program at the alma mater pairs recent graduates with seasoned professionals in their desired fields, fostering valuable connections and career guidance.

The university’s esteemed medical school is a source of pride for the alma mater, producing exceptional doctors who make significant contributions to healthcare worldwide.

She joined the alumni chapter of her alma mater in her new city, attending networking events and engaging in community service to stay connected to the institution and fellow graduates.

The alumni newsletter keeps graduates updated on the latest developments and achievements of their alma mater, fostering a sense of belonging and connection.

The alma mater’s business incubator supports and nurtures entrepreneurial ventures started by alumni, fostering innovation and economic growth.

The alma mater’s renowned faculty members regularly publish groundbreaking research papers, solidifying the institution’s reputation as a center of academic excellence.

She organized a fundraising event for her alma mater’s scholarship fund, rallying support from fellow alumni and community members to provide educational opportunities for deserving students.

The university’s alumni directory serves as a valuable resource for networking and professional connections, enabling graduates to leverage the strong alumni network of their alma mater.

Attending the alma mater’s annual academic conference allowed her to present her research findings and receive feedback from esteemed professors and fellow scholars in her field.

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