Allow-word meaning in hindi

Noun : हो सकना

Verb : मुजरा करना, गुंजायश होना, लाने देना, हो सकना, राज़ी होना, अन्दर आने देना, होने देना, नियत करना, घटाना, आज्ञा देना, अनुमति देना, आने देना, स्वीकार करना, मान लेना, मिलना, मानना, देना

Example Sentences :

He does not allow us to go out at night.

I hope you will kindly allow me to change my school.

I hope you will allow me to attend the marriage.

I would not allow any student to roam about on the school premises.

We couldn’t allow his claim.

Please allow me to go.

Their modest income doesn’t allow for many luxuries.

The program does not allow for changes at this point in time.

Please allow me to measure you.

They won’t allow us to enter the garden.

She wouldn’t allow me to read the letter.

Her father didn’t allow her to go to the cinema alone.

He told her that he couldn’t allow her to do that.

My parents didn’t allow me to see him again.

I am sure you will agree with me and allow me to do so.

We shall not allow you to go out of door.

He decided to step back and allow her to handle things for a while.

I request you to allow me to attend this marriage.

I request you to allow me to accompany the party.

You must not allow the children to play here.

We must allow for some delays.

Our budget won’t allow that luxury.

I request you to allow me to continue my studies.

He does not allow his studies to suffer.

Do not allow him to be familiar.

We must allow for the fact that she doesn’t hear well.

Did you allow him go ?

I request you to allow me to go there.

They do not generally allow them to go out and play with friends.

I do not allow smoking in my drawing room.

I shall go to see a film if you allow me.

He did not allow her to sit.

We will not allow our enemies to lay hands on even an inch of our motherland.

I will allow no body to play in it.

They allow fishing here.

Will you allow me to ask you a question?

They do not allow smoking in the cinema.

At first, my parents did not allow me to go, but finally they gave in.

I hope you will allow me to attend the marriage.

I’d allow any student to come to me straightway if he has any complaint or problem.

The censor board does not allow the film producers to have any obscene scenes in their films.

Apply the paste onto your scalp and hair and allow it to stay for about an hour.

Do not allow anybody to smoke inside the house.

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